Thank you, supporters of CEE students!

CEE thanks the following friends and organizations who support the scholarships and fellowships that benefit our students.

Graduate fellowships

  • AMEC Geomatrix Fellowship                 
  • Tor Brekke Award                    
  • Albert Brutocao Endowment                 
  • Buscovich Award                    
  • David H. Caldwell Scholarship             
  • Roy Carlson, Milos Polivka, & Arthur Ross Fellowship    
  • CEE Academy of Distinguished Alumni
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Fellowship
  • Congreve Memorial Fellowship
  • Harmer Davis Memorial Fellowship            
  • Joseph A. Dias Scholarship                
  • Hans Albert Einstein Memorial Fund            
  • ENGEO Fellowship                    
  • Engineering and Project Management Fellowship    
  • Environmental Engineering (MS) Fellowship        
  • D. Jackson & Sara-Louise Faustman Fellowship    
  • George P. Forni Memorial Fund            
  • Fugro West Geotechnical Engineering Scholarship    
  • Antonia Fung Memorial Fellowship Fund       
  • Milan G. & Douglas Arthur Memorial Award in Petroleum Engineering
  • Geosyntec Fellowship Fund                
  • Ben C. Gerwick Jr. Fellowship Award            
  • Harry H. Hilp Scholarship (E&PM)    
  • Harry H. Hilp Scholarship (SEMM)            
  • E. R. Hoffman CEE Scholarship            
  • Peter Alex Horn Fellowship                
  • Robert Horonjeff Memorial Grant            
  • Walter H. Howard Scholarship            
  • Charles G. Hyde Memorial Fund            
  • J. Kleinfelder Graduate Student Fellowship        
  • P. Kumar & Shanti Mehta Fellowship for Structural Materials    
  • LA County Sanitation Fellowship    
  • Langan, Treadwell, and Rollo Fellowship                
  • Wilfred F. Langelier Scholarship Fund    
  • Robert C. Levy Scholarship Fund            
  • Professor T.Y. Lin Fellowship in Structural Engineering
  • John Lysmer Memorial Fellowship            
  • James M. McDonald Scholarship No. 4 & No. 7    
  • McGauhey Memorial Fund                
  • Gordon F. Newell Fellowship
  • Iraj Noorany Fellowship   
  • A. J. & Catherine Orselli Fund            
  • PMI-Steven V. White Fellowship            
  • William H. & Helena I. Popert Scholarship Fund   
  • Egor Paul Popov Endowment Fund   
  • Robert B. Rothschild Jr. Memorial                
  • Alexander C. Scordelis Fellowship   
  • Harry Bolton Seed Memorial Fellowship        
  • Charles Seim CEE Fellowship
  • Shell Company Foundation                
  • Awtar & Teji Singh Fellowship            
  • Russell S. Springer Memorial Fund            
  • Structural Engineering Fellowship Fund       
  • David Todd Memorial Fellowship            
  • Norbert Tracy Memorial Scholarship            
  • Parker D. Trask Memorial Fund           
  • Amos Trussell Fellowship                 
  • Maybelle & John Tucker Fellowship  
  • Women in Engineering Fund                
  • Li Kuo Wei & Rong Yong Fellowship


Undergraduate scholarships

University scholarships—selection by Berkeley financial aid office based on need

  • Bechtel Engineering Scholarship Fund
  • Berkel Scholarship
  • John Coil Scholarship Fund in Civil Engineering
  • Howard Eberhart Memorial Scholarship
  • Femineers Scholarship
  • F. S. Foote Memorial Scholarship Fund in Civil Engineering
  • Howard Holmes Scholarship
  • Wilfred L. Karrer Civil Engineering Scholarship
  • Thomas K. and Margaret C. Lew Fund
  • John Minihan Scholarship
  • Orselli Engineering Scholarship
  • Leslie E. Robertson and SawTeen See Scholarship
  • Arthur A. Roeser Scholarship
  • Victor W. Sauer Scholarship Fund
  • Amy F. and Howard A. Schirmer Scholarship Fund
  • Robert P. Wadell, P.E., F.ASCE Endowed Scholarship
  • David C. Wenzlaff Merit Scholarship

Departmental scholarships—selection by CEE based on area of interest and scholarship

  • Beaver Heavy Construction Scholarship
    For CEE majors who plan a professional career in the heavy construction industry. The Beaver scholarship was established in 1990 with a gift from Beavers Charitable Trust.
  • Chevron Scholarship
    For CEE majors focused in environmental engineering.
  • John C. Shimmick Scholarship
    For CEE majors with a construction/project management emphasis.The scholarship was established in honor of John C. Shimmick (BSCE '59).
  • Ulchi and Yoshiko Sunada Scholarship
    For a CEE major who has demonstrated a strong commitment in the UCB chapter of ASCE, Chi Epsilon, or other engineering student organization.

Published 10/22/2013