Faculty Awards

CEE Faculty Awards from July 2012-October 2013

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Hassan Astaneh was selected to be a 2013-14 Fulbright US Scholar. He will spend a sabbatical semester in Ankara, Turkey where he will conduct research on the protection of tall buildings and long span bridges against long distance earthquakes. Astaneh was also named a 2013 Minner Faculty Fellow by Berkeley's College of Engineering Committee on Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Alexandre Bayen received a Google Faculty Research Award to work on the use of algorithms developed as part of the Mobile Millennium research program in the Google system.

Bayen also has been named a recipient of the 2013 Okawa Foundation Research Grant Award, a recognition of promising young faculty in information technology.

Yousef Bozorgnia has been appointed as the associate editor of Earthquake Spectra (EQS), the earthquake engineering journal of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI).

Jonathan Bray was appointed to the Faculty Chair in Earthquake Engineering Excellence. Bray was also awarded the 2013 Ralph B. Peck Award from ASCE for his insights regarding liquefaction and its effects on structures through case histories in Turkey.

Anil Chopra has been awarded the 2013 Norman Medal, the oldest and highly prized award of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He was recognized for the paper “Earthquake Analysis of Arch Dams: Factors to be considered,” published in the Journal of Structural Engineering. This is his fourth time receiving this award—a rare distinction achieved only for the second time in the long history of ASCE.

Carlos Daganzo received the Robert Herman Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS) for his fundamental and sustained contributions to transportation science and logistics, and for his influence on the field through his writings, teaching, service, and nurturing of younger professionals.

Armen Der Kiureghian was named TÜV SÜD Stiftung Visiting Professor in recognition of scientific excellence and for the promotion of the international dialogue of experts and junior scientists. Der Kiureghian also received the Distinguished Research Award from the International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability.

Ashok Gadgil and his team of researchers were awarded the Creativity Prize in the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water. They won for their development of an innovative and effective method of treating arsenic contamination of groundwater using electrocoagualtion.

Steven Glaser was awarded the honor of TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor by Technische Universität München.

Slav Hermanowicz was appointed a Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Technical University of Munich. 

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau honored Arpad Horvath with the 2013 Sustainability Award for being a faculty leader in campus sustainability through his research, teaching, and sharing of his expertise on greenhouse gas initiatives.

Horvath was also co-author on the second-best paper of 2012 in the Policy section of Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T). The paper's title is Fuel Miles and the Blend Wall: Costs and Emissions from Ethanol Distribution in the US. The lead author, Bret Strogen, was Horvath's PhD student. This and other award-winning ES&T papers represent the top 1% of ES&T content, and were chosen from nearly 1600 manuscripts published in 2012. 

David Jenkins delivered the John McClanahan Henske Distinguished Lecture in Chemical Engineering, at Yale University.  His lecture was titled "Better Living Through Chemistry."

Stephen Mahin was awarded Honorary Membership in the Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering (JAEE). He is the first non-Japanese national to be elected an Honorary Member of JAEE.  Mahin was also presented with the American Institute of Steel Construction's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. This is special recognition to those who have provided outstanding service to the structural steel design, construction and academic communities.

Jack Moehle received an Award in Excellence in the Innovations category from the Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) Tall Buildings Initiative. The Tall Buildings Initiative was a project of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center at UC Berkeley.

Carl Monismith received the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers' (AMAP) Asphalt Industries Hall of Fame Award. This is AMAP's most prestigious award. It honors individuals whose life work has advanced the technical and/or marketing growth of the asphalt industry.

Khalid Mosalam and his nees@berkeley laboratory staff received NSF's George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) program "Outstanding Service Award” in the area of site operations and research support. The team was also honored for its outstanding contributions to earthquake engineering research, testing, and education.

Marios Panagiotou and Stephen A. Mahin were co-PIs on a winning research grant ($700K) from CALTRANS for a study titled: “Analytical and Experimental Development of Bridges with Foundations Allowed to Uplift”.

Panagiotou also received the 2012 Alfred Noble Prize for the paper, "Displacement-Based Method of Analysis for Regular Reinforced-Concrete Wall Buildings: Application to a Full-Scale 7-Story Building Slice Tested at UC-San Diego."

Yoram Rubin has been selected as a Helmholtz Fellow in recognition of his service to science and his outstanding international research.

David Sedlak was appointed to the Malozemoff Endowed Chair in Mineral Engineering.

Nicholas Sitar delivered the 20th Jack W. Hilf Memorial Lecture at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His "Seismically Induced Lateral Earth Pressures: If not Mononobe-Okabe, then what?" covered the latest results from centrifuge model studies and recent observations in large earthquakes, and their implications for a rational seismic design of retaining structures and basement walls.

Alexander Skabardonis received the special honor of being named a Member Emeritus of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics.

Skabardonis also received the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers.

Rodney Sobey was awarded the 2013 David Hislop Prize by the Institution of Civil Engineers for his paper "Steep Progressive Waves in Deep and Shallow Water," which was published in Engineering and Computational Mechanics, 2012, Vol. 165(EM3), pp.181-200. The Hislop Prize is given to the best paper published in the Proceedings, or in an Institution conference volume, on heavy marine design and construction with particular reference to offshore engineering.

Garrison Sposito delivered the prestigious Langbein Lecture, the named lecture of the hydrology section of the American Geophysical Union.

Published 10/22/2013