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In-Place Asphalt Recycling and Stabilization Strategies, Jun 8

2 weeks 6 days ago
This is a completely-updated and revamped course on in-place asphalt recycling, which will explore in more detail the most common recycling methods, while providing an insightful look on selecting the most appropriate method and stabilization strategy based on a project's and site's specific characteristics. The soil stabilization portion of the course will expand on Caltrans Highway Design Manual Chapter 614 by providing guidelines on the selection of an appropriate stabilization method, design of stabilized subgrade, and construction considerations. This is a must-take course for local pavement managers who are looking for a more cost-effective alternative to traditional pavement rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Bikeway Facility Design and Safety Improvement, Jun 7-14

2 weeks 6 days ago
This new, in-depth class on design of facilities for bicycling addresses both legacy facilities and innovative designs that are being developed within many communities at this time. This course will orient participants with fundamentals and details of bikeway design, ranging from application of traditional designs (bike routes, lanes, paths) to innovative facilities that are growing in popularity, such as separated/protected bikeways and special shared treatments. The course will cover a wide range of subjects ranging from user types and preferences, operator characteristics, to detailed design approaches. The course includes numerous examples of legacy and innovative facilities, including examples from European cities that experience extremely high bicycle usage for all ages and abilities.

The course is developed to meet the training needs of persons charged with preliminary planning, development, or design of high-quality bikeway facilities. It will also be valuable for persons responsible for planning bicycle friendly networks, interested in learning how to deliver quality facilities, or desiring tools to remodel existing facilities to better serve user needs.

Collapse of the 16-Story Plasco Building in Tehran due to Fire, Jun 6

2 weeks 6 days ago
Plasco was a 16-story building constructed in 1962 that collapsed on January 30th, 2017 due to fire. In this presentation initially, the incident and the architectural and structural specifications of the building are described. Then the results of different linear and non-linear analyses of the structure are presented. Deformed shapes of the structure obtained from the analyses are compared to photographs of the building during the fire and debris remaining from the structure. Lessons learned from this incident may help the researchers to establish necessary criteria for the design of new structures or assessment of existing ones against progressive collapse resulting from incidents such as fire.

Multimodal Transportation Operations: Evaluation Methods and Performance Measures, May 23-Jun 8

2 weeks 6 days ago
This new online training course provides the fundamentals required to understand, perform, and interpret the results from multimodal operational analysis and performance evaluations. Several of the most commonly used evaluation and analysis methods are presented with real-world examples. The course focuses on how to develop an appropriate set of performance measures to reliably compute the gains in performance to the transportation system (and/or subsystems) attributable to a project, policy, or program of interest. It also covers the data sources and data reliability, analytic (evaluation) methods and their strengths and limitations, and the overall reliability of the analytical results.
36 minutes 44 seconds ago
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