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Timmy Siauw Wins Berkeley's Teaching Effectiveness Award!

Timmy Siauw, Civil Systems graduate student, won Berkeley's Teaching Effectiveness Award! Timmy is the first CEE student to win this award in five years. He won it for his work in E7 during spring 2008, which was taught by Professor Tad Patzek and Professor Alexandre Bayen.

E7 is an introductory programming course for Berkeley engineers. To motivate the students to learn programming, Timmy Siauw, a veteran GSI of the course, created the first ever E7 Robot Tournament. To compete in this tournament, students were given a game with a strict rule set and instructions for how they could program a 'robot' to play in the game. Timmy designed all the background programs that would run the students' robot programs against each other, enforce the rules, and rank them according to how many wins they earned throughout the tournament. The tournament consisted of almost half a million games played round-robin style between 200 robots, and it took almost 15 hours to run on Timmy's home laptop. For his work in the Robot Tournament, Timmy received both an Outstanding GSI Award for 2009, and the Teaching Effectiveness Award. Timmy hopes that this tournament will be used as an instructional tool in future semesters of E7 - to help students learn programming in a fun and self-motivated way.

Check out the robot tournament, mostly programmed by freshmen!

Congratulations Timmy!

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