Engineering and Project Management Overview


  • 1 year college-level calculus
  • 1 year college-level physical science (e.g. Physics 7A & 7B)
  • 1 semester probability and statistics
  • 1 semester elementary linear algebra
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MS: Plan I

  • Thesis required and approved by a committee of 3 faculty members
  • 20 units with at least 8 in graduate courses of E&PM (maximum of 4 can be CE299)

MS: Plan II

  • 4-hour closed-book written comprehensive examination is required. Students select 4 questions out of typically 5 questions. Passing grade for each question is 80%. A second chance in the form of a written assignment or oral examination by at least 2 faculty members is allowed.
  • 24 units with 12 in graduate courses of E&PM (maximum of 4 can be CE 299) 


  • A bachelor's or master's degree from an accredited institution or a recognized equivalent is required.  If you hold only a bachelor's degree, you must earn the master's degree while progressing towards the Ph.D.  A demonstrated superior level of academic achievement (minimum 3.5 GPA) in your graduate studies and support of a faculty research adviser are required to continue in the program.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major and above 3.0 in the minor fields.
  • Each PhD student must have a graduate advisor to provide general academic guidance and to help with administrative matters, and a research advisor to supervise the student's dissertation research and to assist in identifying funding paths.
  • Complete at least 3 units of CE 299 with one of the faculty members of E&PM and a faculty advisor is identified prior to taking the comprehensive examination.
  • Pass the comprehensive examination with at least 3 questions among those provided by E&PM faculty. Passing grade for each question is 90%. Students on the border lines may pass depending on their performance in courses and research experience. Repeat examinations at the discretion of the faculty will be administered for students who do not pass the first time.
  • Pass an oral Preliminary Examination, which focuses on the student's ability to demonstrate mastery and apply core knowledge in the area of research activity. Three faculty members with at least 2 E&PM faculty members (full-time or adjunct) will constitute the examination committee. A student will have 2 chances to receive a pass on this examination.
  • A major field related to the thesis and 2 minor fields with 1 minor consisting of courses outside CEE. The minor typically consists of 2 or 3 graduate or advanced undergraduate level courses.
  • Pass the 3-hour oral qualifying examination administrated by 4 faculty members with at least 1  member from outside the CEE. The thesis advisor may be a member of the committee but not its chair. The student makes a brief presentation on the planned doctoral research followed by questioning on a wide range of topics.
  • A dissertation committee of at least 3 faculty members with 1 from outside CEE approves the dissertation.