Certificate Program in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Jointly sponsored by 3 departments, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, the Certificate Program in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is designed to assist you in studying ITS in a systematic and focused way.

Faculty advisors help you design a personalized study program to meet your goals. The Certificate provides formal recognition that you have achieved a basic understanding and expertise in the ITS field.

To see Berkeley course descriptions, visit the Guide; to go directly to CE courses, click here.


  • CE 251: Operation of Transportation Facilities
  • CE 253: Intelligent Transportation Systems

In addition, you must complete a minimum of 3 courses from the following list.
(Note: 2 courses must be outside of your home department)

  • Artificial Intelligence: CS 188, CS 281A, CS 281B
  • Civil Systems: CE 271, CE 290I, CE 291F
  • Communications: EE 122, EE 224, EE 228A, EE 228B
  • Control: ME C134, ME 230, ME C231A, ME C232, ME 233, ME 234, ME 237, ME 290J  
  • Databases: CS 186, CS 286, IEOR 115, IEOR 215
  • Human Factors and Risk Analysis: IEOR 170, PH 269B, NE 275
  • Optimization: IEOR 262A, IEOR 262B, IEOR 264, IEOR 266, IEOR 268, IEOR 269, EECS 227A
  • Sensor Technology: EE 192, EE 290G
  • Systems: EE 221A, EE 221B, EE 222, EE 223, EE 226A
  • Transportation Engineering: CE 255, CE 259, CE 260

Faculty Advisors

Alexander Skabardonis (Program Coordinator)
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Roberto Horowitz
Mechanical Engineering

Jitendra Malik
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


No formal application is required. To earn the certificate, you complete the required courses and bring a copy of your transcript showing completion to Professor Alexander Skabardonis, Program Coordinator. He will present to you your certificate and make sure that notification of it is added to your student file.