In the News: Susan Shaheen and the Best & Worst Cities to Drive in

Featured Faculty: Susan Shaheen

Some cities are better for those behind the wheel. To determine those places, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 largest cities across 25 key indicators of driver-friendliness. Their data set ranges from average gas prices to average annual hours of traffic delays to auto-repair shops per capita.

Then WalletHub tapped Adjunct Professor Susan Shaheen (and Co-Director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center and Director of the Innovative Mobility Research at Berkeley) as one of their panel of experts and asks her to share her thoughts on the cost, safety and environmental impact that is related to Americans' reliance on their cars to get around.

See 2017's Best & Worst Cities to Drive in (WalletHub, 7/11/17)

Published 07/11/2017