Aysha Massell Receives Grant for Strawberry Creek Ecological Stabilization Project

Aysha Massell, a master’s student in the Environmental Engineering program, received a grant from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) to help stabilize a section of Strawberry Creek on campus.

The creek is a unique and valuable feature of UC Berkeley, and yet it is subject to many negative impacts, including erosion from high flow storm events, invasive species, and deterioration of water quality and habitat for native organisms.

During summer and fall of 2013, Aysha and a team of students will work collaboratively with UC faculty and staff and a creek restoration consultant to produce design plans that will be submitted to regulatory agencies for permitting.

The project will utilize biotechnical approaches to reduce bank erosion and in-stream measures to reduce flow velocities to improve water quality and habitat for native species. It is anticipated that the project will move into the implementation phase during the summer of 2014. 

Published 05/13/2013