UC Berkeley CEE News

4/30/2017 CEE Grad Programs Ranked No. 1
4/25/2017 In the news: Ashok Gadgil and solving drinking water shortages
4/22/2017 Cal Day on April 22!
4/17/2017 Kenichi Soga delivers two prestigious lectures
4/15/2017 New transportation team submits final design to ASCE Mid-Pac competition
4/10/2017 Berkeley’s first-ever entry at US DoE Solar Decathlon Competition
4/3/2017 Scott Moura wins ARPA-E Grant on Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
3/30/2017 Stephen Mahin leads new NSF Center for computational modeling
3/30/2017 William Ibbs, Benjamin Baker, and Fiona Burckhardt win Best Paper Award
3/24/2017 Listen to Alex Bayen discuss traffic problems caused by driving apps
3/22/2017 CEE alumnus wins top prize in infrastructure competition
3/21/2017 In the news: Alex Bayen and Flying Cars
3/20/2017 Steve Mahin gives keynote at SEFC17 in Tokyo
3/17/2017 CEE Spring Distinguished Lecture by Professor Raymond Seed [video]
3/17/2017 April 3 is Spring Visit Day
3/15/2017 Khalid Mosalam, Selim Gunay win Best Paper Award
3/13/2017 Anil Chopra Named EERI Honorary Member
3/10/2017 Enviro Team builds water treatment system — to Ed Sheeran
3/9/2017 Scott Moura Wins Graduate Student Mentoring Award
3/1/2017 Book honors Armen Der Kiureghian
2/27/2017 Professor Emeritus James Hunt passed away
2/22/2017 In the news: Robert Bea and the Oroville Dam
2/21/2017 Robert P. Wadell Endows $1M CEE Fellowship
2/21/2017 Cal Construction Team in ASC Competition in Sparks, NV
2/17/2017 CEE hosts Tongji University delegation
2/16/2017 Alumna Receives EERI Shah Family Innovation Prize
2/16/2017 Hermanowicz and multi-discipline design team take recycling to new levels [video]
2/14/2017 Alexandre Bayen Presents NAE Gilbreth Lecture
2/13/2017 Bozorgnia Appointed to USGS National Seismic Hazard Model Project
1/24/2017 Lisa Alvarez-Cohen meets with Chinese Premier [video]
1/23/2017 Barbara Simpson Wins EERI's Grad Student Paper Competition
1/20/2017 Shaheen co-edits new book on the future of mobility from a global perspective
1/17/2017 Alvarez-Cohen meets with Tongji University President
1/17/2017 Mahin's keynote kicks off world earthquake engineering conference
1/10/2017 Fall CEE Connections is out
1/4/2017 502 Davis Hall gets a makeover!
12/20/2016 Olga Kavvada, lead-author of ES&T article
12/16/2016 Carrel's Dissertation Receives IATBR Honorable Mention
12/12/2016 Professor Emeritus Jerome L. Sackman passed away
12/5/2016 William Nazaroff featured on IAQ Radio
12/5/2016 In the news: Kenichi Soga & Social Media for Safer Infrastructure [video]
12/5/2016 In the news: David Sedlak & Cleaning Wastewater
11/30/2016 Kenichi Soga delivers Lumb Lecture in Hong Kong
11/28/2016 Hassan Astaneh Gives 3 Keynote Lectures this fall
11/17/2016 In the News: CEE Engineers & Environmental Impact of Concrete
11/10/2016 Caroline Le Floch selected as a 2017 Women in Transportation Scholar
11/10/2016 Gadgil Lab's fluoride remediation work wins R&D100 Award
11/4/2016 Stephen Monismith Delivers Fall Distinguished Lecture [video]
11/3/2016 Hermanowicz & Sedlak give keynote lectures at ICSI in Shenzhen, China
11/3/2016 Anil Chopra presents keynote lecture in Beijing, China
11/1/2016 BIG GIVE: Make a gift, change the world—Nov. 17
10/28/2016 Vitelmo V. Bertero Passed Away
10/24/2016 In the news: Thompson, Boisramé and Fire Management
10/20/2016 NSF Awards $3M to Dev. Engineering: Kara Nelson, Co-Director
10/17/2016 ITS to partner with SF & USDOT; Shaheen will lead
10/12/2016 Come to our Grad School Info Session--Oct. 18
10/10/2016 Professor Emeritus Ray W. Clough passed away
10/9/2016 Oct. 6: CEE Distinguished Lecture and Academy Banquet
10/6/2016 Best Paper Award for Xiao Liang
10/3/2016 CEA Awards $3.4M Earthquake Research Project to Berkeley
10/3/2016 Baoxia Mi speaks at NAE symposium
9/13/2016 Kenichi Soga co-authors two new books
8/29/2016 Bill Ibbs publishes book on causes and effects in design and construction
8/26/2016 Fifth edition of Dynamics of Structures released
8/24/2016 Fall 2016 Orientation
8/22/2016 Caroline Le Floch selected as a 2017 Siebel Scholar in Energy Science
8/16/2016 Sanjay Govindjee Appointed to the Horace, Dorothy, and Katherine Johnson Endowed Chair
8/12/2016 CEE alumna gives TED talk on why water is a women's issue [video]
8/12/2016 Doctoral student receives earthquake engineering scholarship
7/30/2016 CEE at Berkeley Connections — Spring 2016
7/19/2016 In the news: Tina Chow's E7 class choreographs Cal Marching Band
7/15/2016 In the News: Steve Mahin and NSF's "Doomsday Machines"
7/15/2016 CEE Alumna Named a KSTF Teaching Fellow
7/15/2016 Professor Emeritus Robert Wiegel passed away
7/12/2016 Yousef Bozorgnia to Advise on High Speed Rail
6/28/2016 Undergrads place 2nd at Airport Competition—5th straight year in the top two
6/21/2016 Jack Moehle Appointed to the Ed & Diane Wilson Chair
6/16/2016 In the News: Alumnus Zayas, Olympic Games Engineer
6/15/2016 Kenichi Soga to Edit new Smart Infrastructure Journal
6/13/2016 In the News: David Sedlak and Drinking Water Safety
6/7/2016 Claudia Ostertag Appointed to the T.Y. and Margaret Lin Chair
5/31/2016 CEE Grad Programs Ranked No. 1
5/27/2016 Anil Chopra awarded the Berkeley Citation
5/25/2016 In the News: Hassan Astaneh
5/24/2016 In the News: Raja Sengupta and safe unmanned flight
5/24/2016 In the News: Mark Stacey and sea level rise
5/19/2016 In the News: Bayen and Shaheen Pitch SF as first 'smart transit' city
5/17/2016 In the News: Susan Shaheen and the Daily Commute
5/17/2016 Claudia Ostertag Gives Keynote Lecture at FraMcoS
5/12/2016 Students in E7 Intro to Computing solve Cal Band Challenge
5/10/2016 In the News: David Sedlak and the Water Revolution
5/10/2016 Students Recognized at Annual Awards Ceremony
5/6/2016 In the News: Alex Bayen at DOE 'Big Ideas' Summit
5/3/2016 Bill Ibbs Named Top Project Management Professor
5/2/2016 Thompson, Penny win HESS Best Paper Award
4/29/2016 Seismic Team Wins EERI's Innovation Award [video]
4/28/2016 Steve Mahin Presents Innovative Seismic Resilience Technologies
4/27/2016 E7 Students Create a Human Contour Plot
4/26/2016 In the News: Ashok Gadgil
4/21/2016 CEE Graduate Student Runs for Mayor of Berkeley
4/21/2016 Cindy Qian and Hassan Astaneh Win CSEE Best Paper Awards
4/20/2016 Jennifer Lawrence Shines at Graduate Research Advocacy Day
4/20/2016 In the News: Roger Bales
4/20/2016 Tabbakhha, Astaneh, & Setioso Win Best Paper Award
4/18/2016 Yousef Bozorgnia Named Distinguished Alumnus
4/18/2016 Shaofan Li Elected to USACM Executive Council
4/12/2016 Dylan Kato Awarded SURF Fellowship
4/12/2016 In the news: Steve Glaser and Ziran Zhang
4/11/2016 Mid-Pac Results
4/8/2016 In the news: Graduates Develop Technology to Address Poverty
4/5/2016 April 16 is Cal Day!
4/4/2016 Jack Moehle's Spring Distinguished Lecture [video]
4/1/2016 Team's crazy yellow RadiCAL canoe
4/1/2016 You missed Cal Day but have questions? Never fear!
3/28/2016 Team's wall has the strength of 10 Grinches, plus 2!
3/24/2016 Eight Students Receive Top Honor for Teaching
3/18/2016 Moura, Perez Receive Prestigious O. Hugo Schuck Award
3/15/2016 Seismic readies for 2016 EERI—on their own turf
3/9/2016 Environmental Filters Water with Dairy Crates & Rocks
3/8/2016 Bridge Readies CALeidoscope for 2016 Mid-Pac
3/8/2016 William Nazaroff Chairs Workshop on Indoor Air Health Risks [videos of presentations]
3/1/2016 CEE's Data Science & Smart Cities course featured in Chancellor's Corner
3/1/2016 Spring Visit Day: March 28
2/24/2016 Sally Thompson's Paper is EOS Research Highlight
2/24/2016 Sally Thompson Receives CAREER Award
2/23/2016 Profile of Will Tarpeh, one of 28 Game Changers under 28 [video]
2/17/2016 Sally Thompson in the News
2/8/2016 David Sedlak elected to National Academy of Engineering
2/4/2016 Juan Pestana in the News
2/4/2016 Juan Pestana in the News [video]
1/30/2016 We're #1 across the board
1/29/2016 Arpad Horvath co-authors report on graywater
1/26/2016 Arpad Horvath in the News [video]
1/25/2016 Baoxia Mi in the News
1/12/2016 In the News: Hassan Astaneh
1/8/2016 Dralle Receives Prestigious AGU Award
1/7/2016 Nelson's research promotes gender equity in sanitation
1/7/2016 Mahin to promote the worldwide exchange of earthquake technology
12/17/2015 Arpad Horvath in the News [video]
12/16/2015 Graduate Student Improves Large-Scale Marsh Restoration
11/19/2015 Will Tarpeh turns urine into fertilizer to feed the world [video]
11/18/2015 Team Wins NSF I-Corps Grant
11/17/2015 Sally Thompson in the News
11/16/2015 Graduate Student Le Floch founds Solar Startup
11/16/2015 Hu, Perez, and Moura Win Best Paper Award
11/10/2015 Steve Glaser in the Berkeley Engineer
11/9/2015 Alex Bayen in the News
10/30/2015 Guoqing Geng Receives Best Poster Award
10/26/2015 Yoram Rubin Awarded Henry Darcy Medal
10/23/2015 Mosalam to give Western University's CEE Distinguished Lecture
10/21/2015 In the news: Glaser's sensor class at UC Botanical Garden
10/19/2015 Astaneh Advises on Love Locks & Bridge Safety
10/19/2015 Alexei Pozdnukhov's Cell Data Study in the News
10/15/2015 2015 CEE Distinguished Lecture by Elizabeth Hausler Strand [video]
10/12/2015 Khalid Mosalam Appointed PEER Director
10/11/2015 Academy of Distinguished Alumni Event & CEE Fall Distinguished Lecture
10/6/2015 Ashok Gadgil to Lead U.S.-China Energy and Water Consortium
10/5/2015 CEE in the news: Measuring Pollution Near Caldecott Tunnel
10/5/2015 Iris Tommelein Receives Prestigious Pioneer Award
9/29/2015 Tina Chow Receives Henry G. Houghton Award
9/29/2015 CEE Alumnus Builds Better Tour-guide Technology
9/15/2015 NSF award to CEE faculty to enhance infrastructure resilience
9/14/2015 Berkeley Water Technology Boomerangs from Bangladesh to California
9/10/2015 MIT selects Yi Liu as a CEE Rising Star
9/10/2015 Jack Moehle Honored by AEM
9/3/2015 Bayen Co-Author on Best Paper Award
9/1/2015 Grad School Info Session -- Sept. 22
8/18/2015 Khalid Mosalam Appointed to Taisei Endowed Chair
8/14/2015 Science Friday Features Sally Thompson [audio]
8/11/2015 Rotary Foundation Honors John Dracup
8/4/2015 Moura and Mahin Receive Siebel Energy Institute Research Grants
8/1/2015 Fall 2015 Orientation
7/31/2015 CEE at Berkeley Connections—Spring 2015
7/30/2015 Alumnus Arjun Gupta Receives Climate Fellowship
7/30/2015 Sanjay Govindjee Named USACM Fellow
7/23/2015 Michelle Newcomer Receives Major DOE Fellowship
7/20/2015 Airport Design Class Places Second at National Design Competition
7/16/2015 Alexandre Bayen Appointed to Liao-Cho Innovation Endowed Chair
7/15/2015 Hubbard to Lead Earth & Environmental Sciences Area at Berkeley Lab
7/8/2015 Thanh Do Ngoc Named Mortar Board Fellow
7/2/2015 Susan Shaheen in the News
7/1/2015 New CEE Chair: Robert Harley
6/30/2015 Mark Hansen & Yi Liu Publish New Air Traffic Study
6/22/2015 Hassan Astaneh in the News
6/10/2015 Hassan Astaneh on KALW [audio]
6/8/2015 David Sedlak and BWC in Berkeley Media
6/2/2015 Nicolás Peralta Receives Concrete Masonry Scholarship
5/20/2015 Transportation Students Advise Legislators on Graduate Research Advocacy Day
5/14/2015 Moura's CE186 in the News
5/13/2015 Seed and Athanasopoulos-Zekkos Receive Middlebrooks Award
5/12/2015 William Nazaroff Accepts Honorary Doctorate in Denmark
5/8/2015 Undergraduates Honored with CEE Scholarships
5/8/2015 Eight Graduate Students Recognized as Outstanding Instructors
5/8/2015 Mark Ma Awarded SEAONC Scholarship
5/7/2015 Michelle Hummel Receives Research Award
5/6/2015 SEMM Honors Graduate Students at Annual Luncheon
5/4/2015 Nick Sitar Selected as a Cross Canada Lecturer
5/4/2015 Scott Moura Receives Hellman Fellows Award
5/1/2015 Chair Madanat Appointed Dean of Engineering at NYUAD
4/30/2015 Jon Bray Gives Sowers Lecture at Georgia Tech
4/29/2015 Paulo Monteiro Gives Distinguished Lecture at UIUC
4/27/2015 Bay Area's Old Water Pipes in the News
4/24/2015 Webinar answers ugrad admits' questions—including yours!
4/22/2015 Watch Alvarez-Cohen's Distinguished Lecture [video]
4/20/2015 Hector Perez is a Student Best Paper Finalist at ACC
4/20/2015 Fenves Officially Named President of UT Austin
4/19/2015 April 18 is Cal Day!
4/16/2015 Seismic Team Takes Third at EERI Competition! [video]
4/16/2015 Canoe's Bearea 51 Silences Skeptics
4/13/2015 Second Place for CEE Enviro Team [videos]
4/4/2015 Sofia Hamilton Receives Chi Epsilon Scholarship
4/3/2015 CEE Grad Programs Ranked No. 1
4/3/2015 Former CEE Chair Gregory Fenves Named University President Finalist
4/3/2015 Lisa Alvarez-Cohen to give Spring CEE Distinguished Lecture
4/2/2015 Seismic Heads to Boston for EERI's Annual Shake Up [video]
4/2/2015 Nathalie Saade, Jesus Barajas Named Eno Fellows
4/2/2015 Ashok Gadgil: The humanitarian inventor
4/2/2015 Canoe Team Takes Risks, Makes Sustainable Choices
4/1/2015 Alex Bayen on France Inter [podcast]
4/1/2015 CEC Awards Glaser, Bales $1.1M Grant
3/31/2015 Construction Team Impresses Judges and Recruiters
3/31/2015 Enviro Prepares for MidPac and Teaches Kids about Water
3/31/2015 Salivate for Subways? Cal ITE is the place for you!
2/26/2015 Anil Chopra's Book Translated to Turkish
2/24/2015 William L. Garrison Passed Away
2/20/2015 Alumni's App Aids Water Delivery in India [video]
2/19/2015 Susan Amrose and the Gadgil Lab Remove Arsenic from Drinking Water
2/17/2015 William Nazaroff Receives Honorary Doctorate
2/5/2015 Jon Bray Elected to NAE
2/4/2015 CEE Graduate Authors Geoengineering Chapters in Ecuador
2/1/2015 Fall 2014 Issue of CEE at Berkeley Connections
1/22/2015 AC Vice Chair Robert Nickell Passed Away
1/16/2015 Robert Bea on Falling Oil Prices in "Ask the Experts"
1/15/2015 CEE Grad Receives Milton Pikarsky Memorial Award
1/9/2015 Special GeoSystems Lecture: Stabilization of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
12/18/2014 CEE Alumnus McLaskey wins AGU Aki Young Scientist Award
12/17/2014 Raja Sengupta in "The first of its kind drone expo held in US" [video]
12/11/2014 Arpad Horvath Appointed TSRC Faculty Director
12/10/2014 Scott Moura and eCAL Win Samsung GRO Award
12/9/2014 Michael Cassidy Appointed to Robert Horonjeff Chair
12/5/2014 PATH's Zhang Appointed IEEE Fellow
11/25/2014 Tongji University Names Steve Mahin "Master Academician"
11/24/2014 Juan Pestana to Lead Pavement Research Center
11/24/2014 CEE PhD student Anne Thebo's work featured on NPR
11/18/2014 COE Features CEE Alumna in Stabilizing Strawberry Creek [video]
11/18/2014 New Spanish Translation of Anil Chopra's Book
11/12/2014 TRB Honors Mark Hansen with 2015 McKelvey Award
11/5/2014 Smart Cities Faculty Pozdnukhov and Moura in Berkeley Media
11/4/2014 Jack Moehle Publishes Seismic Design Book
10/28/2014 Academy of Distinguished Alumni 2014 Banquet (photos)
10/24/2014 CEE Distinguished Lecture with G. Wayne Clough (video)
10/21/2014 Jenkins' Endowment Supports Undergraduate Research
10/21/2014 Alexey Pozdnukhov Interview on Democratizing Urban Data
10/20/2014 Scott Moura Quoted in UC President's Speech
10/15/2014 Environmental Engineering Alumni Picnic and Reminisce
10/15/2014 American Physical Society Honors Gadgil
10/9/2014 Wayne Clough gives Distinguished Lecture and Academy of Distinguished Alumni holds Banquet
10/8/2014 Live-streaming of CEE Distinguished Lecture with Dr. G. Wayne Clough
10/7/2014 Strawberry Creek Ecological Project Breaks Ground Week of Oct. 6
10/6/2014 CEE Ugrads Learn How to Build Stadiums—then Lead Cheers in Them
9/24/2014 Info Session on CE 198: Certificate in Professional Development II
9/23/2014 Oct. 3: Info Session on CEE graduate programs
9/19/2014 Jack Moehle to Chair ACI's Building Code Committee
9/19/2014 Public Radio Interview with Hassan Astaneh [audio]
9/16/2014 Jerome Thomas Honored for WWII Service
9/8/2014 Armen Der Kiureghian, New President of the American University of Armenia, in the Media
9/2/2014 Infosession on CE 98: Certificate in Professional Development 1
8/29/2014 Mike Cassidy's Research on Disruptive Driving Habits in SF Chronicle
8/27/2014 Samer Madanat Honored for his 9 Years as ITS Director
8/26/2014 Charles F. Scheffey Passed Away on Aug. 22
8/25/2014 Environmental Faculty Receive Prestigious Obama-Singh Award
8/25/2014 Three Transportation Students Win Coveted Eisenhower Fellowship
8/25/2014 Seismic Team Places Second in EERI Competition [video]
8/15/2014 Fall 2014 Orientation
8/14/2014 Scholars on Scooters [video]
8/12/2014 Margaret Byron Organizes Benefit for Children in Gaza
8/11/2014 Academy of Distinguished Alumni Announces 2014 Class
8/1/2014 Scott Moura Awarded an NSF research grant
7/25/2014 Berkeley Undergraduates Tackle Waste Management in Tibet
7/22/2014 Robert Harley Appointed to Carl W. Johnson Chair
7/14/2014 Mark Stacey Appointed Lawrence E. Peirano Professor
7/10/2014 CEE Alumnus Wins Young Leader Award in India
6/30/2014 CEE at Berkeley Connections, Spring 2014
6/17/2014 Recent CEE MEng Grad Delivers Commencement address (video)
6/12/2014 David Sedlak Awarded Prestigious NWRI Clarke Prize
6/12/2014 Advisory Council Adds Six New Members
6/6/2014 Alex Bayen on Michael Krazny's "Forum" on NPR [audio]
6/6/2014 Steel Bridge Places Third at Nationals
6/5/2014 Iris Tommelein is First Female Honored with ASCE's Peurifoy Construction Research Award
6/5/2014 Two CEE Seniors Among SEAONC Scholarship Recipients
6/5/2014 Jack Moehle Receives First Ever Krawinkler Award
6/2/2014 Hanna Breunig Receives EPA STAR Fellowship
5/13/2014 Undergraduates Honored with CEE Scholarships
5/9/2014 SEMM Honors Graduates at Annual Luncheon
4/30/2014 David Jenkins Elected to AAEES Honorary Lifetime Membership
4/25/2014 CEE Sophomore Wins Axe Throw Competition
4/25/2014 Rabia Chaudhry Awarded a Soroptimist Founder Region Fellowship
4/23/2014 Published: E7 book by CEE alum Timmy Siauw and Professor Bayen
4/17/2014 Webinar Answers Undergraduate Admits' Questions
4/16/2014 Saddiq Nuru Selected as COE Commencement Student Speaker
4/16/2014 Armen Der Kiureghian Delivers Distinguished Lecture [video]
4/9/2014 Steel Bridge Team—2014 Mid-Pac Champions!
4/8/2014 Ashok Gadgil Selected as International House's Alumni of the Year
4/8/2014 Alex Bayen Receives ASCE Huber Prize
4/7/2014 Whatever Floats their Boat: Cal Team Designs Canoe of Concrete
4/5/2014 Come to Cal Day on April 12
4/4/2014 Bill Ibbs Testifies on High-Speed Rail at Senate Hearing
4/2/2014 Bill Nazaroff wins ES&T Best Paper of 2013 Award
3/31/2014 Graduate Students Recognized for Excellence in Teaching
3/17/2014 Will a leaner CALamari give CEE a first at MidPac?
3/17/2014 CEE's Graduate Programs Ranked #1
3/17/2014 Seismic Team Headed to Alaska for EERI Competition
3/14/2014 Barb Simpson: Berkeley Engineer of the Week [video]
3/14/2014 Hanna Breunig Named a Schmidt-MacArthur Fellow
3/13/2014 Ashok Gadgil in the News for his Invention to Remove Arsenic from Drinking Water
3/6/2014 March 17: Spring Visit Day for Newly Admitted Grad Students
3/6/2014 Jack Moehle in "Reducing the Risk of Earthquake Collapse in California Cities"
3/4/2014 NPR interview with David Sedlak on Reusing Water to Fight Drought
3/4/2014 Ashok Gadgil Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
2/28/2014 Students are putting in long hours—it must be time for Mid-Pac
2/25/2014 Paul Selvadurai Receives AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award
2/19/2014 CEE Alumnus Ashford Named Dean of OSU Engineering
2/19/2014 David Sedlak in "Time is Now for a New Revolution in Urban Water Systems"
2/18/2014 CEE Course Wins Award for Energy & Climate Innovation
2/12/2014 Andre Carrel Named Berkeley Engineer of the Week
2/11/2014 Construction Team Competes in Regional ASC Competition
2/6/2014 Carlos Daganzo, Jack Moehle, and Greg Fenves Elected to NAE
1/31/2014 Armen Der Kiureghian Receives ASCE Award for Service to the Artistic Needs of the Community
1/28/2014 CEE Career Fair: Tickets now available
1/22/2014 Michael Cassidy and his Students Receive TRB's Cunard Award
1/17/2014 Lisa Alvarez-Cohen Receives ASCE Environmental Engineering Award
1/15/2014 Sally Thompson and Team Awarded Flagship NSF Award
1/10/2014 Berkeley tops USN&WR "top public schools" list
1/8/2014 David Sedlak Publishes Book on the Past, Present, and Future of Water
12/18/2013 Armen Der Kiureghian Named TUM Ambassador
12/17/2013 ADMISSIONS TIME: Apply to CEE
12/16/2013 AIA Salutes Julia Morgan with 2014 Gold Medal
12/13/2013 Alex Bayen Wins Antonio Ruberti Research Prize
12/10/2013 Undergrads' Gingerbread Houses Deemed Seismically Safe
12/6/2013 Maggie Witt and Yi Liu Win WTS Awards
12/4/2013 Alex Bayen on KPIX
12/3/2013 Sally Thompson, First Woman to receive AGU Early Career Award in Hydrology
11/29/2013 CEE at Berkeley Connections, Fall 2013
11/29/2013 Julia Morgan Engineering a Legacy [video]
11/26/2013 Mi Nguyen in "Shedding Light on Wastewater"
11/25/2013 CEE Alumni featured in "Building a Super Bowl"
11/21/2013 Paulo Monteiro and Marie Jackson featured in "Concrete Knowledge"
11/21/2013 Kara Nelson and Aysha Massell featured in "Creek Life"
11/19/2013 Bill Ibbs Testifies about Construction Cost Growth in Megaprojects [video]
11/11/2013 USN&WR: CEE Undergrad #1!
10/31/2013 Alex Bayen on KALW radio [audio]
10/21/2013 Ten Alumni Celebrated at Academy Gala
10/17/2013 Slav Hermanowicz Appointed Visiting Fellow at the Technical University of Munich
10/14/2013 Alex Skabardonis receives HITE Lifetime Achievement Award
10/14/2013 Alex Bayen Receives 2013 Okawa Foundation Research Grant Award
10/10/2013 Academy of Distinguished Alumni Announces 2013 Class
10/8/2013 Carlos Daganzo Receives Robert Herman Lifetime Achievement Award
10/3/2013 Bridge Team Attends SteelDay 2013 in Washington DC
9/30/2013 Berkeley Receives Funding for New Transportation Center, UCCONECT
9/27/2013 In the News: Sally Thompson on Accommodating, not Eliminating, Disastrous Flood Risk
9/23/2013 In the News: Robert Harley and Air Quality Improvements at Port of Oakland
9/20/2013 James Kelly's Contributions to Structural Engineering Recognized in Journal
9/20/2013 Grad School Info Night -- Sept. 24
9/10/2013 ASCE Awards Anil Chopra the 2013 Norman Medal
9/6/2013 In the News: Alumnus Hamed Hamedifar and his Fix for the Delta Blues
8/30/2013 Alex Skabardonis Recognized for Outstanding Service to TRB
8/30/2013 Fall 2013 Orientation
8/29/2013 Two CEE alumni remember their work on the original Bay Bridge
8/28/2013 Team led by Bayen, Nazaroff, Spanos wins Best Paper Award at IEEE CASE
8/27/2013 Kemal Celik receives Outstanding Paper Award at SCMT3 Conference in Japan
8/27/2013 Students in Hermanowicz Lab Named Odebrecht Finalists
8/26/2013 In the News: Susan Shaheen and Bay Area Bike Share
8/19/2013 Article by Timmy Siauw on Robot Tournament as Motivational Tool
8/19/2013 William Ibbs Interviewed re: Bay Bridge, High Speed Rail, and Hyperloop
8/15/2013 Iris Tien Receives EMI's Top Award for Student Paper
8/12/2013 NEES@Berkeley Laboratory Receives Outstanding Service Award
8/12/2013 Marina Mautner Receives UCEAP Undergraduate Research Award
8/9/2013 In the News: Steve Glaser and Smart Sensors
8/2/2013 Gregory Fenves Named Provost at UT Austin
8/1/2013 Julia Morgan, CEE Alumna
8/1/2013 Dominic Molinari, Always a Bear, in Oslo
7/29/2013 Steel Bridge Attends SteelDay in DC in October
7/24/2013 Yousef Bozorgnia Appointed EQS Associate Editor
7/23/2013 Roger Bales Appointed as Adjunct Professor
7/22/2013 Armen Der Kiureghian Interviewed on American University of Armenia [video]
7/11/2013 Transportation Students Place Second in FAA Design Competition
7/11/2013 Arpad Horvath Receives Chancellor's Sustainability Award
6/28/2013 "Greening the Commute" with Raja Sengupta and André Carrel
6/21/2013 National Champion Bridge Team Assembles TyranniCal at Comp [video]
6/21/2013 Rhodes Trussell Funds CEE Fellowship with Prestigious Clarke Prize Award
6/20/2013 Alex Bayen on The BBC [podcast]
6/18/2013 Mahin Awarded JAEE Honorary Membership
6/18/2013 Monteiro's Team Learns the Secret of Roman Concrete's Durability
6/17/2013 Steel Bridge Takes First at National Competition
6/13/2013 Rubin Named Helmholtz International Fellow
6/12/2013 GeoEngineering MS Students Receive Seed and Brekke Awards
6/11/2013 Yang Zhao Receives SEG Best Paper Award
6/11/2013 Monismith Receives AMAP Hall of Fame Award
6/11/2013 Der Kiureghian Receives Distinguished Research Award
6/11/2013 Raja Sengupta in "The Green Side of Drones" [audio, video]
6/6/2013 Alex Bayen on ABC's Diane Sawyer [video]
5/31/2013 Undergraduates Honored at Spring Social
5/25/2013 Video of Gadgil's "Innovating Technologies for the Poorest Two Billion"
5/21/2013 Rodney Sobey Awarded the Hislop Prize
5/13/2013 Aysha Massell Receives Grant for Strawberry Creek Ecological Stabilization Project
5/13/2013 Steve Mahin Receives AISC Lifetime Achievement Award
5/7/2013 Hamed Hamedifar's Levee Research Featured in COE Innovations
5/7/2013 Hassan Astaneh-Asl Named Minner Faculty Fellow
5/6/2013 Katie Leung Wins ITE Student Paper Competition
5/6/2013 Nazaroff Writes Popular Review on Climate Change and Indoor Air
5/6/2013 Horvath Co-authors Award-winning ES&T Paper
5/6/2013 T-shirts Commemorate Famous Jim Huntisms
4/30/2013 Webinar Answers Undergraduate Admits' Questions
4/29/2013 Academy of Distinguished Alumni Create Fellowship
4/26/2013 Canoe Places Third at Mid-Pac
4/26/2013 Steel Bridge Takes First at Mid-Pac
4/19/2013 Hybrid Data Work in the News
4/19/2013 Mike George Wins US Society of Dams Scholarship
4/19/2013 William Ibbs Assesses Productivity of Panama Canal
4/19/2013 Bayen's Research on the Discovery Channel [video]
4/19/2013 Video Highlights Reasons to be a CEE Bear
4/17/2013 Come to CEE on Cal Day!
4/12/2013 Graduate & Undergraduate Team's Poster Wins UCTC Award
4/10/2013 CEE Undergraduate Wins Concrete Masonry Scholarship
4/9/2013 LifeScience Interview with Steve Glaser
4/4/2013 CEE Graduate Students Recognized for Excellence in Teaching
4/1/2013 Mosalam Receives Chancellor's Public Service Award
3/28/2013 Susan Shaheen Appointed as Associate Adjunct Professor
3/26/2013 Will TyranniCAL Rule Mid-Pac?
3/25/2013 André Carrel Receives Eno Award
3/17/2013 One month before Mid-Pac: Update on Environmental
3/17/2013 One month before Mid-Pac: Update on Canoe
3/11/2013 Creative Seismic Design Team Scores for Innovation [video]
3/10/2013 Hassan Astaneh-Asl Selected as Fulbright Scholar
3/1/2013 March 18: Spring Visit Day for Newly Admitted Grad Students
3/1/2013 CEE at Berkeley Connections, Spring 2013
3/1/2013 CEE alumnus Lee and Team Wins University Mobile Challenge
2/26/2013 Robert Bea: "The Nation's Foremost Forensic Engineer"
2/25/2013 Ashok Gadgil Elected to NAE
2/21/2013 Marios Panagiotou and Stephen Mahin Awarded CALTRANS Research Grant
2/19/2013 Alumnus Jon Buckalew Awarded SEAONC Award
2/19/2013 Matt Over Wins Roy G. Post Scholarship
2/12/2013 André Carrel Interviewed on What Irks Transit Riders Most
2/7/2013 Seismic Design Team Heads to EERI Competition
2/5/2013 John Dracup, Intrepid Engineer
2/4/2013 Hanna Breunig Publishes Article on Brine Management
2/1/2013 Moehle's Tall Buildings Initiative Wins Award for Innovation
1/23/2013 David Sedlak Appointed Malozemoff Chair in Mineral Engineering
1/10/2013 Berkeley - MIT Bay Area Traffic Study in the News
12/21/2012 10K Challenge Match for The Robert E. Selleck Memorial Fund
12/18/2012 CEE Grad Named on Forbes' 30 under 30 list
12/12/2012 Alex Bayen's Floating Sensor Network in December issue of Wired
12/12/2012 Alex Bayen's Mobile Millennium in the News
12/7/2012 Michael Riemer Performs at Dickens Fair
12/5/2012 Garrison Sposito Gives AGU Langbein Lecture
12/3/2012 Sanjay Govindjee publishes new book on Engineering Mechanics
11/29/2012 Jon Bray Receives Ralph B. Peck Award
11/29/2012 Kraig Johnson Wins Prestigious Water Quality Award
11/26/2012 Hendrickson Leads Future Frisbee Dynasty
11/19/2012 Alumnus Carl W. Johnson Endows Faculty Chair
11/15/2012 Nick Sitar Delivers Prestigious Hilf Lecture
11/9/2012 Armen Der Kiureghian Named TUV SUD Stiftung Visiting Professor
11/8/2012 Academy of Distinguished Alumni: Inaugural Event on Nov. 8
10/31/2012 Steve Glaser Studies Healed Faults to Assess Future Quakes
10/31/2012 David Jenkins Delivers Distinguished Lecture at Yale
10/30/2012 Alex Bayen's Traffic Management Project in The Economist
10/29/2012 Drew Gentner Publishes Research on Diesel Pollution
10/29/2012 Alex Bayen Comments on Traffic Management on KQED
10/3/2012 Ashok Gadgil Wins for Creativity in an International Water Competition
10/2/2012 CEE Majors Selected for Cal Energy Corps Internships
9/27/2012 Christina Poindexter Named Tien Scholar for 2012-2013
9/25/2012 Yousef Bozorgnia Appointed as Adjunct Professor
9/10/2012 Systems PhD Candidate Creates Site to Help Fellow Students
9/6/2012 Jon Bray Appointed Chair in Earthquake Engineering Excellence
9/5/2012 Tina Chow Edits Book on Mountain Meteorology
9/1/2012 Salute to Steel Bridge at Cal Football Game on Sept. 1
8/31/2012 Henry Tirri Appointed as Adjunct Professor
8/23/2012 Fall 2012 Orientation!
8/22/2012 Kara Nelson Demos "pHree Loo" at Gates' Toilet Fair
8/13/2012 Yi Liu Wins Aviation Research Award
7/31/2012 Steel Bridge Takes First at Nationals!
7/30/2012 Juan Argote Wins Eisenhower Award
7/27/2012 Arpad Horvath, Mikhail Chester Publish New Study on CA High Speed Rail
7/27/2012 Steve Glaser Named TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor
7/27/2012 Marios Panagiotou Receives 2012 Alfred Noble Prize
7/13/2012 Armen Der Kiureghian Gives Prestigious Lecture in Germany
7/6/2012 Alexandre Bayen Receives Google Faculty Research Award
6/26/2012 André Carrel Wins Eisenhower Award
6/19/2012 Canoe Finishes 10th at Nationals; Vows Innovations for 2013
5/29/2012 Complete the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey!
5/28/2012 Matching Gift Opportunity for Student Leadership Endowment
5/24/2012 Slav Hermanowicz Named Minner Faculty Fellow
5/17/2012 Grad Students Recognized for Excellence in Teaching
5/9/2012 Floating Robots Put Water Online
5/9/2012 CEE Students Give BOTH Commencement Addresses
5/4/2012 Boulanger and Meyer Receive Top Undergrad Awards
5/2/2012 Ashok Gadgil Wins Lemelson-MIT Award
5/1/2012 Samer Madanat Interviewed about High Speed Rail in CA
4/19/2012 Mid-Pac Featured in COE Innovations' "Rowing on to Nationals"
4/18/2012 P.K. Mehta Receives ACI's First Concrete Sustainability Award
4/11/2012 William G. Godden Passed Away
4/9/2012 Environmental Engineering Students Improve Water Quality in Honduras
4/6/2012 Carlos Daganzo Receives Honorary Doctorate in Barcelona
4/3/2012 William Nazaroff Studies Bacteria Spike due to Human Occupancy
3/29/2012 Alex Bayen, part of NSF award-winning team, "Algorithms, Machines and People"
3/27/2012 CEE Faculty and Students Author ES&T Best Papers for 2011
3/27/2012 Cal Bridge and Canoe Qualify for Nationals
3/21/2012 Mid-Pac is here! Schedule for March 23-24
3/21/2012 Honoring Professor Robert E. Selleck at Memorial
3/21/2012 Robert E. Selleck Memorial Fund
3/19/2012 Concrete Canoe in COE Innovations:"Cast and crew ready for Mid-pac competition"
3/19/2012 Steve Glaser in COE Innovations article: "Smart Sensors in the Woods"
3/16/2012 William Webster Honored with Named Fellowship
3/13/2012 CEE is No. 1 for Fourth Straight Year!
3/1/2012 Robert Bea to Testify in Trial over Deepwater Horizon Spill
2/29/2012 Professor Alex Bayen on NPR
2/22/2012 CEE SPRING CAREER FAIR – Feb. 29
2/17/2012 CEE's Colin Meyer Receives Prestigious Churchill Scholarship
2/7/2012 CEE Alumnus Designs Bay Bridge to Stay Intact in an Earthquake
1/31/2012 Video on Engineering & Business for Sustainability (EBS) Certificate
1/31/2012 Anil Chopra to Speak at Panama Canal 2012 Conference
1/31/2012 ECIC Offers Specialized Degree in Sustainable Engineering
1/24/2012 CEE Alum's Designs Help Santiago's Skyscrapers Endure Earthquakes
1/23/2012 Asphalt Pavement Assoc. of CA Honors Carl Monismith
1/23/2012 Jack Moehle Among ENR's Top 25 Newsmakers of 2011
1/18/2012 A Star is Born! Canoe Team Casts MidPac Entry
1/17/2012 Ashok Gadgil Wins Zayed Future Energy Prize
1/13/2012 Rob Harley Interviewed on Stricter Emissions Standards' Effect on Air Quality
1/10/2012 Memorial for Professor Robert Selleck on March 15
12/15/2011 NEW Master of Engineering Program
12/13/2011 Armen Der Kiureghian Gives Distinguished Lecture at Alma Mater
12/12/2011 John A. Martin Sr. Passed Away on Dec. 3
12/7/2011 Historic CEE Faculty Photo
12/7/2011 103-year-old CEE Holiday Curtailment Memo
12/7/2011 Vikash Gayah is UCTC Student of the Year
11/21/2011 Arpad Horvath Receives ES&T Excellence in Review Award
11/21/2011 Joseph Penzien Memorial Fund
11/9/2011 Cal ASCE hosts CEE alumni/student BBQ
11/4/2011 Fall 2011 CEE@Berkeley Connections
11/2/2011 Two undergraduates receive The Robert P. Wadell Endowed Scholarship
10/31/2011 Hendrickson, CEE Grad Student and Ultimate Frisbee Champion
10/25/2011 Tina Chow Attends PECASE Ceremony at the White House
10/19/2011 Anil Chopra Receives Two Prestigious Honors for his Contributions to Structural Engineering
10/19/2011 Carl Monismith's Prolific Career in Pavement Research
10/12/2011 Media Interviews with Mike Cassidy on Car Pool Lane Research
10/12/2011 Walker and Sengupta partner with LEAD Program
10/12/2011 Alumnus Daniel Work wins IEEE ITSC Best Dissertation Award
10/11/2011 CEE Undergraduate Programs Ranked: Civil #1, Environmental #2
10/10/2011 Glaser Part of Team to Receive NSF Grant to Expand Water Sensors
10/10/2011 Mobile Millennium Student Aude Hofleitner on Radio Canada
9/30/2011 Adib Kanafani Receives TRB's Carey Award
9/28/2011 Caroline Vaughan Wins Construction Management Scholarship
9/26/2011 Tina Chow Receives Prestigious PECASE Award
9/22/2011 CEE Graduate Information Session on Oct. 11
9/22/2011 James Kelly and Dimitrios Konstantinidis Publish Book
9/22/2011 KQED Features Berkeley's Shaking Table
9/20/2011 Professor Joseph Penzien Passed Away on Sept. 19
9/14/2011 Jon Bray Selected to Deliver Joyner Memorial Lecture
9/13/2011 David Sedlak Featured in "Tapping the West's Water"
9/13/2011 Professor Emeritus Robert Selleck Passed Away on Sept. 9, 2011
9/9/2011 Cameras Rolling on Structures Laboratory!
9/7/2011 Nick Sitar Appointed to the Cahill Chair
9/2/2011 Robert Wiegel's Coastal Engineering Papers Published
9/2/2011 Evan Variano and Allen Goldstein Receive Award to Study Gulf Oil Spill
8/31/2011 Fall 2011 Orientation!
8/24/2011 Raja Sengupta Wins Connected Vehicle Technology Challenge
8/5/2011 Steve Glaser's Wireless Sensors Used in Hydrology Forecasting
8/1/2011 Alexandre Bayen Publishes Book on Viability Theory
7/26/2011 Six CEE Faculty Participate in NSF Center on Urban Water Infrastructure
7/19/2011 Matthew Zahr, CEE Citation WInner, Featured in COE Innovations
7/18/2011 Siamak Nazari Wins Grant to Leaders Conference
7/14/2011 William Ibbs Interviewed about the Bay Bridge by Bloomberg News
7/14/2011 New Faculty in CEE: Dr. Sally Thompson
7/8/2011 CEE Airport Design Class Team Wins National FAA Design Competition
7/6/2011 Eugene Herson, Founding Chair of Advisory Council, Passed Away
7/5/2011 Alex Bayen's Mobile Millennium on World BusinessTV
6/21/2011 Canoe Places 7th at Nationals
6/21/2011 Steel Bridge Meets Nemesis in Lateral Load Test
6/17/2011 Arpad Horvath Organizes ISIE Conference on Sustainability
6/17/2011 Release of Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health
6/10/2011 Jack Moehle Appointed to the T.Y. and Margaret Lin Chair
5/20/2011 Ashok Gadgil Wins EPO Non-European Inventor Award 2011
5/10/2011 Matthew Zahr, University Medalist Finalist
5/10/2011 Joshua Apte's Insights into New Delhi's Air Pollution
5/6/2011 Kara Nelson Receives Gates Foundation Grant
5/6/2011 Jack Moehle and CEE Alumni Win Prestigious SEAONC Award
5/6/2011 Two Friends of CEE Win Prestigious SEAONC Award
5/3/2011 SEMM Community Honors Graduates at Annual Luncheon
5/2/2011 Carl Monismith in Chronicle of Higher Ed
4/29/2011 Anaglyphs and Lady Gaga – in E7!
4/27/2011 Alex Trahan Receives Chi Epsilon Scholarship
4/27/2011 Robert Bea Recognized by US Senate
4/15/2011 Cal Day at CEE!
4/15/2011 Sanjay Govindjee Publishes "Engineering Mechanics 3: Dynamics"
4/14/2011 Eric Gonzales Wins Newell Award
4/11/2011 NextDrop Wins Haas Global Social Venture Competition
4/11/2011 Allen Goldstein Elected AGU Fellow
4/8/2011 CEE Students Named Outstanding GSIs for 2010-2011
4/8/2011 John Voekel Wins seekingShade Design Competition
4/6/2011 Boza Stojadinovic Discusses California's Seismic Risk on Podcast
4/1/2011 Transportation Students Win Competitive Eisenhower Fellowships
4/1/2011 CEE has Top Graduate Program Three Years in a Row!
3/31/2011 Stephen Mahin Inducted into OTC Hall of Fame
3/31/2011 Abolhassan Astaneh Participates on Radio Panel on America's Infrastructure
3/26/2011 Jon Bray and Mike Riemer Receive Thomas Middlebrooks Award
3/26/2011 Ashok Gadgil Awarded Olympus Lifetime of Education Innovation Award
3/25/2011 Four Berkeley Students Awarded CMAA Scholarships
3/15/2011 Robert Bea's Deepwater Horizon Papers Published
3/14/2011 Bozidar Stojadinovic Participates on Panel Assessing Japan's Nuclear Disaster
3/14/2011 Juan Pestana Describes Winning Teaching Technique
3/14/2011 NPR Interviews Stephen Mahin on Preparing Infrastructure for Earthquakes
3/10/2011 Anu Sridharan Participates in Clinton Global Initiative University 2011
3/10/2011 Arpad Horvath and William Nazaroff Co-author Popular ES&T Article
3/4/2011 Innovative Teaching has 400 Students Riveted
3/3/2011 Alex Bayen's Project, Mobile Millennium, in Wired
3/3/2011 CEE Undergrads Inspired and Challenged during LeaderShape Institute
3/1/2011 Seismic Design Team Competed in EERI Competition
2/18/2011 Student-founded NextDrop Wins Worldwide Mobile App Competition
2/16/2011 Ashok Gadgil takes fuel efficient cookstoves to Ethiopia
2/9/2011 William Trono Awarded PTI Scholarship
2/9/2011 Armen Der Kiureghian Elected to NAE
2/7/2011 Don't miss the chance to take CE 198 in Spring 2011!
2/4/2011 Alex Bayen Interview in MIT's Technology Review
1/27/2011 Jonathan Bray's Research into Building Stability during an Equake in Contra Costa Times
1/24/2011 Ashok Gadgil in Chronicle's "Berkeley zero net energy cottage deserves study"
1/18/2011 David Sedlak in NPR's Article on Disinfectants in Water Systems
1/10/2011 Tierra Bills Wins WTS Leadership Legacy Scholarship
12/1/2010 Eric Gonzales Wins UCTC Student of the Year Award
11/30/2010 Robert Wiegel Named Distinguished Diplomate
11/30/2010 Endowed Scholarship Established to Honor Robert Wiegel
11/30/2010 Robert Wiegel was Honorary Chairman of International Conference on Coastal Zone Management
11/30/2010 Transportation Students Tour LAX
11/15/2010 William Ibbs Quoted in The Wall Street Journal
11/15/2010 E&PM Students Tour New Bay Bridge
11/10/2010 Fall 2010 CEE@Berkeley Connections
11/10/2010 Robert Bea Featured in COE Forefront
11/10/2010 Joan Walker Wins TRB Kitamura Paper Award
11/10/2010 Alexandre Bayen Receives Prestigious PECASE Award
11/9/2010 Samer Madanat Presents High-Speed Rail Report in Sacramento
11/9/2010 Jack Moehle Nominated for ACEHR
11/1/2010 Mark Hansen Leads Study on the True Cost of Flight Delays
10/25/2010 Ian Clark wins a 2010 International Huber Technology Prize
10/21/2010 Susan Leal, CEE Advisory Council member, in SF Chronicle
10/11/2010 David Jenkins Receives AEESP Pohland Medal
10/11/2010 Andrew Tinka demonstrates floating sensor network to former Gov. Gray Davis
10/8/2010 Robert Harley in SF Chronicle's "Overestimate fueled state's landmark diesel law"
10/6/2010 Juan Pestana featured in "Teachers at the Top of their Game"
9/30/2010 Robert Bea Featured in Contra Costa Times
9/29/2010 CEE ranked at the top of 2010 NRC rankings!
9/28/2010 CEE Graduate Information Session on Oct. 13
9/27/2010 Jiun-Wei Lai Wins AISC Photo Contest
9/24/2010 David Jenkins Receives IWA Global Water Award
9/23/2010 Ilse Ruiz-Mercado Wins First Prize in Poster Competition
9/14/2010 Raja Sengupta Interview on Public Radio
9/9/2010 Interview with Robert Bea in Innovations
9/9/2010 Vitelmo V. Bertero Awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by UNAM
8/30/2010 Alex Bayen Interviewed by The Wall Street Journal
8/26/2010 Robert Bea, Ray Seed in Katrina documentary on Aug. 30
8/19/2010 Daniel Choe Wins AISC/SSEC and AISC Fellowships
8/18/2010 Ashok Gadgil Named EETD Director
8/17/2010 CEE Undergraduate Programs Ranked: Environmental #1, Civil #2
7/28/2010 Jasenka Rakas Selected as Lecturer Fellow
7/20/2010 Reid Zimmerman Receives ACI Weinberg Scholarship
7/13/2010 Reid Zimmerman Interview in Innovations
7/8/2010 Carl Monismith Featured in California article "On the Road Again"
7/7/2010 Mike Cassidy and Carlos Daganzo Featured in California article "For the Common Good"
7/7/2010 Jack Moehle Featured in California article, "Damage Control"
7/2/2010 Transportation Faculty Participate in First Academic Review of Rail Ridership Forecasts
7/1/2010 Steven Glaser first TÜV-Süd Guest Professor at the Technical Institute of Munich
6/18/2010 Video of CEE Steel Bridge Team Constructing BEARicade
6/15/2010 Environmental Team Places Third in Nationals!
6/1/2010 Steel Bridge Places Second at Nationals!
5/27/2010 Karl Pister Receives Leon A. Henkin Citation for Distinguished Service
5/24/2010 Carl Monismith Honored with Geo-Institute Lecture
5/20/2010 CEE Faculty Highlighted in Forefront Article on High-speed Rail
5/20/2010 Earthquake Research of Professors Bray and Moehle Featured in Forefront
5/20/2010 Robert Bea Featured on 60 Minutes: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
5/13/2010 Reid Zimmerman, University Medalist Finalist
5/13/2010 Systems and Transportation Students Eisenhower Fellows
5/13/2010 Robert Bea and William Nazaroff Featured in Innovations' "Ahead of the Headlines"
5/13/2010 Valerie Zimmer Featured in COE's Innovations
5/7/2010 New Endowed Faculty Chair in Earthquake Engineering Excellence for CEE
5/7/2010 Arpad Horvath and Mikhail Chester Co-author Top Downloaded Article in ERL
4/27/2010 CEE Students Awarded First Prize in CITRIS White Paper Competition
4/27/2010 2010 USN&WR Rankings of Graduate Programs: CEE #1 in both Civil and Environmental Engineering
4/27/2010 Christian Claudel wins Leon O. Chua Award for his work on Mobile Millennium
4/27/2010 Robert Bea and Ray Seed Research Vulnerable Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
4/27/2010 Steve Glaser Named Guest Professor and Fellow at Technical University of Munich
4/27/2010 It's Prom Time Again in CEE!
4/27/2010 MidPac 2010: CEE Places First in Steel Bridge, Environmental, and Mead Paper Competitions; Canoe Suffers Setback
4/27/2010 Professor Robert Bea and RESIN Featured on UCTV
4/27/2010 Carlos Daganzo Leads Research for Barcelona's Bus Rapid Transit Network
4/27/2010 Juan Pestana Receives Berkeley's Distinguished Teaching Award
4/16/2010 Ashok Gadgil and Alex Bayen Selected as Top 10 Innovators on Water Sustainability by NASA