Business Cards

Business cards

Faculty, emeritus, adjunct faculty

CEE allows for the purchase of 1 box (250 count) of business cards for faculty per fiscal year. If the faculty member wishes to purchase additional cards, he or she will need to provide a Chart of Account (COA) number. If the COA is maintained by a unit other than CEE (e.g., an Organized Research Unit), the ORU staff will need to process the card order.

Business cards carry the University seal so only information relevant to the university can appear on the card. Information pertaining to another business is not allowed.

Contact Holly Halligan for assistance.


With the approval of their supervisor, CEE staff are eligible for UC business cards. Maximum purchase of 1 box (250 count) ordered as needed. Contact Holly Halligan for assistance.

Graduate students

Graduate students need to pay for their business cards. An order of cards for a graduate student constitutes a special order. To order cards, contact Pamela Krol, Berkeley Campus Print / Copy Representative.  When you pick up your completed cards, bring a check made out to UC Regents.

Student business cards need to:

  • List the department as "Civil & Environmental Engineering"
  • List the CEE Program (e.g., SEMM, GeoSystems, etc.)
  • List a e-mail address
  • Not list a home address

The business card proof needs to be approved by the CEE Graduate Student Adviser.