Finch’han dal vino
Calda la testa
Una gran festa
Fa preparar.
Se trovi in piazza
Qualche ragazza,
Teco ancor quella
Cerca menar.
Teco ancor quella
Cerca menar.
Senza alcun ordine
La danza sia;
Chi’l minuetto,
Chi la follia,
Chi l’alemanna
Farai ballar.
Ed io frattanto
Dall’altro canto
Con questa e quella
Vo’ amoreggiar.
Ah! la mia lista
Doman mattina
D’una decina
Devi aumentar!
Go throw a party,
Lively and hearty,
Till all their heads are
Heated with wine.
And if you find a
Girl who is kinda
Cute, try to bring her
So she’ll be mine.
Yes, try to bring her
So she’ll be mine.
Leave it disorganized
When they are dancing;
Some minuetting,
Others just prancing,
Some allemanding,
All in a line.
As for yours truly,
I will be duly
Flirting with all girls
Who will be kissed.
And in the morning,
When day is dawning,
You will be adding
Ten to my list!

Translation © 2007 by Jacob Lubliner

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