James R. Hunt

- Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
- Lawrence E. Peirano Professor of Environmental Engineering

Mailing Address:
Civil and Environmental Engineering
779 Davis Hall # 1710
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1710


(510) 642-0948

(510) 642-7483

Teaching and Research

For the next couple of years, Professor Hunt will be teaching the hydrology course (CE 103/203) with an emphasis on hydrologic transport processes and the graduate course on Environmental Physical-Chemical Processes (CE 211A) that addresses both treatment and natural aquatic systems. Professor Hunt's research considers environmental data management and quantification of contaminant transport processes in natural and altered environments including groundwater, surface and subsurface soils, and estuarine sediments. These efforts are conducted by a combination of field data analysis, development of mechanistic models, and verification of those models at the laboratory scale. Environmental data analysis is directed mainly at water resources systems, largely driven by watershed-scale systems where water resources are limited and impacted by local human-induced changes and anticipated climate change. Contaminants of interest include trace metals, persistent organics, radionuclides, pathogenic organisms, and poorly characterized wastes from new industries. The research program seeks to understand the dominant processes that control contaminant mobility in natural and altered environments.

Ongoing research projects include:

Recent Publications

  • J. R. Hunt and A. F. B. Tompson (2005) Tracing long-term vadose zone processes at the Nevada Test Site, U.S.A., Hydrological Processes 19 (17), 3383-3394, 10.1002/hyp.5976.
  • A. F. B. Tompson, G. B. Hudson, D. K. Smith, and J. R. Hunt (2006) Analysis of radionuclide migration through a 200-m vadose zone following a 16-year infiltration event, Advances in Water Resources 29, 281-292, doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2005.02.015.
  • T. C. Flowers and J. R. Hunt (2007) Viscous and gravitational contributions to mixing during vertical brine transport in water-saturated porous media, Water Resources Research, 43, W01407, doi:10.1029/2005WR004773, 18 pages.
  • D. C. Mays and J. R. Hunt (2007) Hydrodynamic and chemical factors in clogging by montmorillonite in porous media, Environmental Science and Technology 41(16), 5666-5671.
  • J. A. García-Aragón, E. Quentin, C. Díaz-Delgado, and J. R. Hunt (2007) Watershed level analysis of sediment filling in a Mexican highland reservoir, Limnetica (Spain), 26(2), 209-218.
  • B. E. Johnson, B. K. Esser, Dyan C. Whyte, Priya M. Ganguli, Carrie M. Austin, and James R. Hunt (2009) Mercury accumulation and attenuation at a rapidly forming delta with a point source of mining waste, Science of the Total Environment 407, 5056-5070.