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A series of meetings were held during 2004 to explore opportunities for collaboration among researchers and others in the US and Japan related to earthquake engineering that would take advantage of the specific next-generation capabilities being introduced by NEES and E-Defense.   These included two joint NEES/E-Defense planning meetings, and several joint research task group meetings.  Some of the activities and documents related to research on steel buildings are highlighted below. Additional information on the overall NEES/E-Defense Collaboration may be obtained from the NEES Consortium, Inc.


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First Joint NEES/E-Defense Planning Meeting Related to Collaborative Earthquake Engineering Research

Held in April 6-8, 2004, Shin-Kobe Oriental Hotel, Kobe, Japan

The first planning meeting was held in Kobe, Japan in early April 2004.  More than 50 participants from the US and Japan discussed the capabilities of NEES and E-Defense facilities, as well as needed research on various topics in earthquake engineering. Following extensive discussions in breakout and plenary meetings, a variety of resolutions were developed and agreed upon unanimously by the participants.  These included recommendations for follow up activities to enable US-Japan research collaboration utilizing E-Defense and NEES, and for high priority research topics of mutual interest to the US and Japan that would significantly benefit from this collaboration.  These topics included bridge structures, steel buildings and information technology.


Task Group Meeting on Steel Buildings

Held on June 18, 2004, Holiday Inn San Francisco International Airport


Second Joint NEES/E-Defense Research Planning Meeting

Held on July 12-13, 2004, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

A second joint planning meeting was held in July 2004 between representatives of the National Science Foundation and the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MExT) and between the NEES Consortium Inc and the National Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED).  A small group of researchers from the US and Japan also attended to present results of initial planning efforts to develop collaborative research plans related to bridge structures, steel buildings and information technology.

á               Overview of E-Defense Research Programs by Toru Hayama (23 pages/pdf/36MB) Download

á               Recommendations related to Steel Building Research by Mahin and Nakashima (20 pages/pdf/30 MB) Download

á               Meeting Summary (6 pages/pdf/80 KB) Download


NSF/AISC Workshop: Charting the Course: Earthquake Engineering Research Priorities for Steel Buildings

Held on October 11-12, 2004, Holiday Inn San Francisco International Airport

This community wide workshop brought together researchers, practitioners, and representatives from industry, regulatory groups and trade and professional associations.  Participants reviewed the status of knowledge related to the seismic response of steel buildings constructed in regions vulnerable to earthquake shaking and identified high priority research needs that could be used to guide researchers and funding agencies in planning research programs.  Particular emphasis was placed on unique opportunities being made available by the NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research Program on Steel Buildings.  A compilation of current research activities was prepared for the meeting.  Based on several widely disseminated requests for research ideas, participants ranked potential research areas and developed an integrated and collaborative strategy aimed at accelerating research progress and leveraging resources available from government, academia and industry, nationally and internationally. 

á               Compilation of Summaries of Recent Research on Seismic Response and Design of Steel Buildings (48 pages/13.4MB) Download



Recent Activities



Task Group Meeting on February 10-11, 2005

Held on February 10-11, 2005, DoubleTree Hotel San Francisco International Airport



     Photo of Participants during Plenary Session





Mini-Workshop on NEESit/OpenSees

Held on February 11, 2005, DoubleTree Hotel San Francisco International Airport



     Photo of some of the participants at the NEESit/OpenSees mini-Workshop