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Current Group


A photo of what was left of the group after a wet hike to Yosemite Falls in 2007.


Amanda Ackerman
"Persulfate-Induced Oxidation of Organic Compounds"
Eva Agus "Fate of Low Molecular Weight Compounds in Advanced Water Treatment Systems"
Erika Houtz "Fate and Transformation of Perfluorinated Compounds in Aquatic Systems"
Justin Jasper "Transformation of Organic Compounds by a Periphyton-Enhanced Oxidation Process"
Scott Mansell "Fate of Steroid Hormones in Runoff"
Anh Pham "Oxidation of Organic Compounds by Metal-Catalyzed Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide"
(co-advised with Professor Fiona Doyle, MSE)
Patrick Ulrich "Control of Mercury Methylation in Tidal Wetlands"




Prospective Students

If you are interested in joining our research group please contact Professor Sedlak by e-mail prior to submitting your application.

sedlak 'at'