Seventh Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC-7 )

Berkeley, California, USA, 26-28 July 1999

Organizers: Iris D. Tommelein and Glenn Ballard


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On-line Conference Proceedings

The following papers were submitted to the IGLC for a single-blind review by two peers. Authors received the reviewers' input, then rewrote and resubmitted their papers for final acceptance. The papers as listed also appeared in the hard copy of the Conference Proceedings, which can be purchased for US$30 (includes domestic shipping and handling); please make out your check for this amount to the "U.C. Regents", add a note saying you wish to obtain a hard copy of the IGLC-7 Proceedings, and send both to Prof. Iris D. Tommelein.. Sorry we cannot accept credit cards.

Title of Paper



Theory I


Monday AM (1)

What Is Lean Construction - 1999

Gregory A. Howell

Lean Construction Institute, Ketchum, Idaho, USA

Study of Reasons for the Adoption of Lean Production in the Automobile Industry: Questions for the AEC Industries

Scott Featherston

Lend Lease, Sydney, Australia

The Dark Side of Lean Construction: Exploitation and Ideology

Stuart D. Green

Dept. of Constr. Mgmt. and Engrg., Univ. of Reading, UK

Bringing Light to the Dark Side of Lean Construction: A Response to Stuart Green

Gregory A. Howell and and Glenn Ballard

Lean Construction Institute, Ketchum, Idaho and Constr. Engrg. and Mgmt. Prog., Dept. of Civil and Envir. Engrg., U.C. Berkeley, USA

Site Applications of Tools and Techniques I


Monday AM (2)

Simulation of Construction Processes: Traditional Practices Versus Lean Principles

Abdulsalam A. Al-Sudairi, James E. Diekmann, Anthony D. Songer, Hyman M. Brown

Civil, Envir., and Arch. Engr. Dept., Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Potential of Poka-Yoke Devices to Reduce Variability in Construction

Aguinaldo dos Santos and James Powell

Dept. of Surveying, Univ. of Salford, UK

Identifying Waste: Applications of Construction Process Analysis

Seung-Hyun Lee, James E. Diekmann, Anthony D. Songer, and Hyman Brown

Civil, Envir., and Arch. Engr. Dept., Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Evaluation of Current Use of Production Management Principles in Construction Practice

Aguinaldo dos Santos, James Powell, and Carlos Torres Formoso

Dept. of Surveying, Univ. of Salford, UK

Construction Supply Chain Trend Analysis

S.M. Hong-Minh, R. Barker, and M.M. Naim

Logistics Systems Dynamics Group - MASTS, Cardiff University, UK

Just-In-Time Concrete Delivery: Mapping Alternatives for Vertical Supply Chain Integration

Iris Tommelein and Annie Li

Civil & Envir. Engrg. Dept., U.C. Berkeley, USA

More Just-In-Time: Location of Buffers in Structural Steel Supply and Construction Processes

Iris Tommelein and Markus Weissenberger

Civil & Envir. Engrg. Dept., U.C. Berkeley, USA

Logistics and Supply-Chain Management I


Monday PM (1)

Logistics: A Step towards Lean Construction

Jean-Luc Salagnac and Madjid Yacine

CSTB - Projets et Développement and Ec. Nat. des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, France

Roles of Supply Chain Management in Construction

Ruben Vrijhoef and Lauri Koskela

TNO Bldg. and Constr. Research, Dept. of Strategic Studies, Quality Assurance and Bldg. Regs., Delft, The Netherlands & VTT, Finland

Applicability of Logistics Management in Lean Construction: A Case Study Approach in Brazilian Building Companies

Fred Borges da Silva and Francisco Ferreira Cardoso

Civil Constr. Engrg. Dept., Univ. of São Paulo, Brazil

Developing Lean and Agile Supply Chains in the UK Housebuilding Industry

M. Naim, J. Naylor, and J. Barlow

Logistics Systems Dynamics Group, Dept. of Maritime Studies and Intl. Transport, Cardiff Univ., U.K.

New Supply Chain Network in Brazil’s House Construction Industry

Sofia Villagarcia and Francisco Cardoso

Civil Constr. Engrg. Dept., Univ. of São Paulo, Brazil

High-Turnaround and Flexibility in Design and Construction of Mass Housing

Amarjit Singh, Rick Barnes, and Ali Yousefpour

Dept. of Civil Engrg., University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, USA

Logistics and Supply-Chain Management II


Monday PM (2)

Terrain Scanning Methodology for Construction Supply Chains

R. Barker, S.M. Hong-Minh, and M.M. Naim

Logistics Systems Dynamics Group, MASTS, Cardiff University, UK

Construction Supply Chain Improvements through Internet Pooled Procurement

John Taylor and Hans Bjornsson

Civil & Envir. Engrg. Dept. - CIFE, Stanford Univ., USA

Evaluation and Improvement of the Procurement Process in Construction Projects

Luis F. Alarcón , Rodrigo Rivas, and Alfredo Serpell

Civil & Envir. Engrg. Dept., Univ. Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Client-Contractor Relations: How Fairness Considerations and Interests Influence Contractor Variation Negotiations

Anna Kadefors

Dept. of Mgmt. of Constr. and Facilities, Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Gothenburg, Sweden

Theory II


Tuesday AM (1)

Management of Production in Construction: A Theoretical View

Lauri Koskela

Concurrent Engineering, VTT Building Technology, Finland

Reflections on Money and Lean Construction

Federico Orrechia and Gregory A. Howell

Produtividade Counstultora LTDA, Sao Paulo, Brazil & Lean Construction Institute, Ketchum, ID, USA

Playing Games: Evaluating the Impact of Lean Production Strategies on Project Cost and Schedule

Luis F. Alarcon and David B. Ashley

Civil & Envir. Engrg. Dept., Univ. Catolica de Chile & The Ohio State Univ.

Improving Work Flow Reliability

Glenn Ballard

Civil and Envir. Engrg. Dept. & Lean Constr. Instit. & U.C. Berkeley, USA

Tools and Techniques II


Tuesday AM (2)

Integrated Production Scheduler for Construction Look-Ahead Planning

David K.H. Chua, Shen Li Jun, and Bok Shung Hwee

Dept. of Civil Engineering, National Univ. of Singapore

Space Scheduling Using Flow Analysis

Hyun Jeong Choo and Iris D. Tommelein

Civil & Envir. Engrg. Dept., U.C. Berkeley, USA

Towards Production Control on Multi-Story Building Construction Sites

Ricardo Mendes Jr. and Luiz Fernando M. Heineck

Dept. de Construção Civil, UFPR & UFSC, Brazil

Method for Waste Control in the Building Industry

Carlos T. Formoso , Eduardo L. Isatto , and Ercilia H. Hirota

Civil Engrg. Dept., Fed. Univ. Rio Grande del Sul (UFRGS) & State Univ. Londrina (UEL), Porto Alegre, Brazil

Lean Design


Tuesday PM (1)

Considerations on Application of Lean Construction Principles to Design Management

Patricia Tzortzopoulos and Carlos Torres Formoso

Civil Engrg. Dept., Fed. Univ. Rio Grande del Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, Brazil

Brief Reflection on Improvement of Design Process Efficiency in Brazilian Building Projects

Márcio M. Fabricio, Silvio B. Melhado, and Josaphat L. Baía

Civil Constr. Engrg. Dept., Univ. of São Paulo, Brazil

Using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in the Design Phase of an Apartment Construction Project

Luiz Antônio Gargione

Inst. De Pesquisas e Desenvolvimento, Univ. do Vale do Paraiba, Sao Jose dos Campos-SP, Brazil

Entrepreneurial Strategies and New Forms of Rationalization of Production in the Building Construction Sector of Brazil and France

Francisco F. Cardoso

Civil Constr. Engrg. Dept., Univ. of São Paulo, Brazil

Organizational Learning and Action Research


Tuesday PM (2)

Lean Construction: Towards an Agenda for Research into Systems and Organisation

David Seymour

School of Civil Engrg., Univ. of Birmingham, UK

As Sequences Flow: Proposal of Organisational Rules for ‘Lean Construction’ Management

Saverio Mecca

Dipartimento di Strutture, Univ. of Calabria, Italy

Learning How to Learn Lean Construction Concepts and Principles

Ercilia Hitomi Hirota, Elvira Maria Vieira Lantelme, and Carlos Torres Formoso

Civil Engrg. Dept., Fed. Univ. Rio Grande del Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, Brazil

Developing Lean Thinking in Construction: A Naturalistic Enquiry

Naomi A. Garnett

Dept. of Constr. Mgmt. and Engrg., Univ. of Reading, UK

Action Learning for Continuous Improvement and Enhanced Innovation in Construction

James A. Powell

Director of the Academic Enterprise, University of Salford, M54WT, England

Meeting Place

The Conference will take place in Sibley Auditorium, which is in the Bechtel Engineering Center. This building is relatively close to the North Gate (Corner of Hearst and Euclid). Click here to see a large campus map or to get driving directions. Consider taking public transportation. It is very convenient to take BART to campus. Get off at Berkeley station, then walk due east (uphill). Allow about 10 minutes to get to Bechtel Engineering Center. Also see the Transportation section further down in this document for additional information.

Our conference will start at 8 AM on Monday and at the same time on Tuesday. Please check in at the welcome desk in front of the auditorium to pick up your badge and a hard copy of the proceedings between 7:30 and 8 AM. A light breakfast will be provided.

The section On-line Conference Proceedings has been reorganized to reflect a suggested order for topics to be discussed. Note that our group usually plays it by ear, spending more time discussing some papers than others, and perhaps skipping some papers. All participants will have a say in this during our sessions. In preparation for our meeting, count on having 15 minutes to present your work, then a few minutes to address questions and answers directly pertaining to your work.


To register for IGLC-7, please download the registration form . This form is in .pdf format so you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. To download the reader for free, click here: , then download the registration form.

Print out the registration form, then fill it out, sign, and fax it to +1 510 643 8919 or send it via airmail to:

Professor Iris D. Tommelein
Construction Engineering and Management Program
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
University of California at Berkeley
215 McLaughlin Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1712, USA

Please submit your registration form and payment [by CHECK if at all possible] PRIOR to July 1, 1999. Late registrations may not be guaranteed a spot on the dinner cruise.

The fees are as follows:

Upon cancellation up to one week prior to the conference, all paid fees minus $50 will be reimbursed.

See the section below for information on lodging. You need to make your own reservation.


The International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) makes up a network of like-minded professionals and researchers in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) who feel that the practice, education, and research of AEC have to be radically renewed in order to respond to the challenges ahead.

We call our vision Lean Construction.

Our goal is to better meet customer demands and dramatically improve the AEC process as well as product. To achieve this, we are developing new principles and methods for product development and production management specifically tailored to the AEC industry, but akin to those defining lean production that proved to be so successful in manufacturing.

The IGLC has an e-mail list, to which everybody interested may subscribe. Our web site also includes a bibliography, providing more background on lean construction and lean production in general. The main activity of the Group is to organize an international conference to provide a discussion forum for its members and outsiders interested in lean construction. The 1999 conference will be the seventh of its kind.

The Proceedings of the first three IGLC Conferences have been published in "Lean Construction", a book edited by Luis F. Alarcon (A.A. Balkema, 1997, 25 cm, 497 p., Hfl.165 / $95.00 / £67 / ISBN 90 5410 648 4). The Proceedings of the three more recent conferences are available on the web.

Aims of the Conference

The aim of the IGLC's annual Conference is to provide the opportunity to AEC practitioners, educators, and researchers to discuss industry practices and new developments of theory, principles, and applications of lean production in the AEC product development and production management process.

Conference Themes

The overall conference theme is "Lean Construction" but this covers many subjects. Topics of interest for presentation and discussion include but are not limited to:

Conference Organization

Papers will be presented and discussed on Monday and Tuesday, 26 and 27 July 1999. Members of the IGLC will meet to discuss business on Wednesday morning, 28 July 1999. All conference participants are invited to join us for a field trip to a construction site, which is planned that Wednesday afternoon.

Local Organizing Committee

International Technical Advisory Board

Call for Papers and Submissions Schedule

Authors interested in participating in the IGLC conference should submit papers and will receive feedback according to the following schedule:

The conference will be held Monday and Tuesday 26-27 July 1999. Given this tight schedule and according to lean principles no late submissions will be accepted.

Papers should be at most 12 pages long, including figures and references. All submissions (including figures) should be sent electronically to Specific formatting instructions are presented here in a Adobe Acrobat file and in a Microsoft Word file.

Members of the technical advisory board will assist in reviewing papers and selecting those for presentation.

Conference Venue

The Seventh IGLC Conference will be held at the University of California in Berkeley, California, USA. The conference is being organized by faculty and staff of the Construction Engineering and Management (CE&M) program. U.C. Berkeley's CE&M Program, housed in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, offers several courses on Lean Construction; specifically: CE290P taught by Glenn Ballard and CE290N taught by Iris Tommelein. These courses can be taken by students in the Master's Program in CE&M, but also by other U.C. Berkeley students and members from the community at large if they enroll through U.C. Extension. We also offer courses through the Lean Construction Institute.


U.C. Berkeley is located on the east side of the San Francisco Bay area. The University can be reached by subway, using the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. The nearest stop is Berkeley Station. AC Transit also provides bus service in and around Berkeley (see map). A University shuttle bus travels clockwise around the campus.

The airport closest to Berkeley is Oakland (OAK); the second nearest one is San Francisco (SFO). San Jose Airport (SJC), at the south end of the Bay, is too far to be practical. Public transportation to/from any of these airports is available. Public transportation from Oakland Airport to Berkeley includes BART (take the AirBART bus at the airport, then transfer to a BART train at the Coliseum/Oakland Airport stop). In addition, several door-to-door limo services provide airport transportation.


A block of 30 rooms has been reserved in Stern Hall, a U.C. Berkeley dormitory, from Sunday July 25 through Thursday July 29. The rates are $41 for single occupancy and $27/person for double occupancy (i.e., $54 for the room). These rooms will be held for a limited time only: please make your reservation before May 31. Reservations can be made on line through Summer Visitor Housing or by calling call Conference Services at (510) 642-4444. They also post directions to Stern Hall. Overnight parking for dormitory guests costs $5 per vehicle and per night (or $ 20 for the week if arrangements are made before May 31).

A block of 15 rooms has been reserved for the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night (25-26-27 July) at the Durant Hotel. This hotel is located to the south side of campus on 2600 Durant and is within walking distance from the conference site. Guests must make their own reservations prior to 5 PM on June 25 by calling 1-800-2DURANT or 510-845-8981, or by sending a fax 510-486-8336 or e-mail: Ask for the "IGLC 7th Annual Conference" room rate, which is $99/night for a room with single and $125/night for a room with double occupancy, plus a 12% occupancy tax. Overnight parking for hotel guests costs $5 per vehicle and per night.

The Lean Construction Institute also has rooms blocked at the Radisson Berkeley Marina Hotel from Saturday 24 July through Sunday 31 July. The rate is $105/night plus 12% city occupancy tax. Ask for the Lean Construction Institute Group Rate. In addition, Berkeley, other East Bay cities, and of course San Francisco provide numerous hotel accommodations.


Please address all inquiries regarding conference administration to:

Prof. Iris D. Tommelein
Construction Engineering and Management Program
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
University of California at Berkeley
215 McLaughlin Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1712
Phone: 510/643-8678
Fax: 510/643-8919

The conference web site address is (this page if you are looking at it on-line)

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