Professors Mahin and Moehle give Keynote Addresses at Earthquake Simulation Lab in Taiwan

Featured Faculty: Jack P. Moehle

Professors Stephen Mahin and Jack Moehle participated in the Grand Opening Ceremony and Forum of the new earthquake simulation laboratory constructed by the National Center for Research in Earthquake Engineering in Tainan, Taiwan.

The laboratory contains several uniquely capable testing facilities related to simulating the effects of powerful near-fault ground motions, including a 6 degree of freedom shaking table capable of up to 2 meters of displacement, a strong wall, and a large test machine able to subject full scale seismic isolators and other large structural components to movements that might be experienced during very large earthquakes.  Prof. Shyh-Jiann Hwang, a Berkeley CEE graduate, is Director General of NCREE and oversees its two laboratories and research programs.  

Professors Mahin and Moehle presented two of the three keynote addresses at the Grand Opening Forum. 

Professor Mahin discussed lessons from recent disastrous earthquakes, and their implications for research over the next several decades.  He also highlighted recent work by his research group on hybrid simulation using large scale test machines and shaking tables, like those in the new NCREE Tainan laboratory. 

Professor Moehle discussed issues related to structural safety under near-fault and multi-hazard threats and the implications of these for research on disaster mitigation strategies to improve resilience.  He also highlighted his recent research on the introduction of high strength steel in reinforced concrete members to improve performance and economy. 

Published 08/16/2017