Grad Student Daniel Rodriguez conducts post-earthquake investigations in Mexico City

Featured Faculty: Jack P. Moehle

CEE MS student Daniel Gaspar Rodriguez volunteered with the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center to be part of the engineering response team in the post-earthquake field investigations of the Mexico City Earthquake (Sept.19 2017 | M=7.1).

The Berkeley team collaborated with engineering response teams from the Colegio de Ingenieros de Mexico, Degenkolb Engineers, and the Colombian Earthquake Engineering Research Network (CEER).

One of the founders, and the current director of CEER, was Dr. Carlos Arteta. Arteta participated in the reconnaissance by coordinating the team's efforts with those of local engineers.

The duties of the response team included the evaluation of structurally compromised buildings for accelerating the decision making process by the city government.  

Professor Jack Moehle serves as faculty adviser to Rodriguez, and Arteta is Moehle's former PhD student.

Published 11/08/2017