CAL DAY is April 21! Visit the top CEE undergraduate program in the world.

Visit the top CEE program in the world!

Stop by the CEE Welcome Table between 9:30-12:30 (plaza next to Davis Hall stairway) and ask questions of faculty, staff, and current students.

Learn about CEE's unparalleled curriculum of rigorous academic learning, hands-on experience, leadership, and fellowship


CEE Welcome Table (9:30–12:30)
3rd floor Davis Hall main entrance

Welcome to CEE! 
Chat with faculty, staff & students about our department and get directions to our events.

Undergraduate Research Fair: “Shedding Light on Open Questions in CEE” (10:00–noon)
3rd floor Davis Hall

Meet students and see the research projects they have completed in Civil and Environmental Engineering this year.  In this casual research fair, students will discuss different topics with visitors and answer questions.  The students have worked one-on-one with CEE professors to advance the field.

Panel Discussion & Department Lunch for Prospective Students in Civil & Environmental Engineering (12:00-1:30)
502 Davis Hall

A panel of professors and students will introduce the CEE Department and discuss how CEE helps students thrive at Berkeley.  We’ll also provide a light lunch!  We’ll all eat together after the presentation, allowing for informal conversations with students and professors. 

Lab Tours (1:30-2:00)
534 Davis Hall

Immediately following lunch, interested students may take a lab tour with their choice of professor. 

  • Professor Scott Moura will demonstrate his Civil Systems research, including smart batteries, and new transportation ideas. 
  • Professor Evan Variano will demonstrate his research on Environmental Fluid Mechanics, including ocean turbulence and marsh restoration. 
  • Professor Boaxia Mi will demonstrate her research on Environmental Nanotechnology, including desalination membranes and clean water systems for disaster relief.

Shake it to the Core! (10:00-noon)
Structures Laboratory, 2nd floor Davis Hall

Design and build a tower to resist a major earthquake! Once your structure is complete, test it on an earthquake simulator.  Will your tower survive the shaking?  (Presented by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center and the CEE Undergraduate Seismic Design Team.)

Using Light as a Ruler—3D Scanning in Civil Engineering (10:00-noon)
Structures Laboratory, 2nd floor Davis Hall

Watch as we use a laser scanner to scan the Concrete Canoe built by our Concrete Canoe Student Competition Team.  We’ll digitally reconstruct the canoe and obtain an accurate 3D representation.
(Presented by CEE and the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center.)


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Published 04/20/2018