New CEE Chair: Mark Stacey

Featured Faculty: Mark Stacey , Robert Harley

Mark Stacey, the Henry and Joyce Miedema Professor of Environmental Engineering, will be the new CEE Chair, effective July 1, 2018. He has been a CEE faculty member since 1996.

Dean Shankar Sastry thanked outgoing Chair, Robert Harley, for three years of expert leadership as he secured key recruitments and oversaw the re-launch of the Department’s professional MS program.  

Mark brings with him a wealth of administrative skills honed by his experience as the Department’s Vice Chair for Academic Affairs as well as his experience with the Academic Senate as Chair of the Graduate Council.  

Mark heads a National Science Foundation project to examine infrastructure resiliency in California.His multi-disciplinary team analyzes future challenges relevant to long-term water and transportation infrastructure planning, from both the technology and engineering side and the economic and political side.

A larger goal of Mark's research is to improve how local, regional, state and federal agencies interact in planning for the future, identifying opportunities where decision-makers can coordinate and improve planning and management of critical infrastructure systems.

"Mark has excellent ideas to strengthen existing areas of expertise and to grow new ones going forward," says Dean Sastry, "I trust that all will lend Mark their support, wise counsel, and energy in these efforts."

Published 06/28/2018