Dolf May: Traffic world legend who invented metering lights

Featured Faculty: Adolf D. May

Professor Emeritus Adolf May was featured in today's East Bay Times article on metering lights.

May was a traffic engineer in Illinois when he set up the first ramp meter in 1963 on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago. He later became a professor at UC-Berkeley and moved to the Bay Area.

Studies prove ramp meters work. When meters are turned off, or sped up, travel time increases. And drivers plead for the meters to be slowed down.

There are now nearly 560 active ramp meters in the Bay Area and the goal is 1320 by 2025.

"Thanks to Dolf-the-Genius," writes Gary Richards, author of the article.

See The man who invented metering lights: Roadshow (East Bay Times, 8/3/18)

Published 08/03/2018