In the news: Gadgil & team's system for removing arsenic from drinking water in India

Featured Faculty: Ashok Gadgil

Millions of people in India are at risk of consuming drinking water with high arsenic content.Lifelong consumption of drinking water with arsenic can result in cancer and skin lesions.

Professor Ashok Gadgil and his research team have set up a very efficient and cost-effective system called Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) for removing arsenic contamination from drinking water.

Current doctoral students involved in the project are Siva Bandaru and Dana Hernandez. Former doctoral students (now graduated) are Caroline Delaire and Case van Genuchten.

Also contributing to the project are the former R&D Engineers, Dr. Susan Amrose, Kate Boden, and current R&D Engineer, Dr. Mohit Nahata. 

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Published 12/13/2018