CEE Faculty and Students Author ES&T Best Papers for 2011

Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T), a premier journal in the field of environmental engineering and environmental science papers, selected 13 of its approximately 1500 published articles as its "best papers for 2011."

Two of these so honored were coauthored by students, graduates, and faculty members in CEE. 

They are second runner-up for best Feature, "Grand Challenges for Life-Cycle Assessment of Biofuels," by McKone, T. E.; Nazaroff, W. W.; Berck, P.; Auffhammer, M.; Lipman, T.; Torn, M. S.; Masanet, E.; Lobscheid, A.; Santero, N.; Mishra, U.; Barrett, A.; Bomberg, M.; Fingerman, K.; Scown, C.; Strogen, B.; Horvath, A. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2011, 45 (5), 1751−1756


first runner-up in Environmental Technology, "Odorous Compounds in Municipal Wastewater Effluent and Potable Water Reuse Systems," by Agus, Eva; Lim, Mong Hoo; Zhang, Lifeng; Sedlak, David L.
Environ. Sci. Technol. 2011, 45 (21), 9347−9355.

The "top papers" article should appear in the next issue of ES&T, due in early April.

Published 03/27/2012