Henry Tirri Appointed as Adjunct Professor

Dr. Henry Tirri's Adjunct Professor appointment has been approved from 7/1/12-6/30/15. His appointment will be split 50/50 between CEE (Civil Systems) and Berkeley's School of Information.

Dr. Tirri is the Chief Technology Officer of Nokia. In this role, Tirri drives the current and future technological competitiveness of Nokia, in particular through the forward-looking Future Technology part of the Nokia strategy.

Tirri researches intelligence in machines. Believing that reasoning under uncertainty is one central aspect of intelligent behavior, he has spent the last 20 years pursuing fundamental questions related to building models from data, and performing (predictive) inference from such models (related to "data analysis"). After exploring many paradigms from rule-based deterministic models to semantic nets, he finds the probabilistic and information-theoretic approaches to be the most interesting and powerful.

Tirri also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science (University of Helsinki), and as an Adjunct Professor of Computational Engineering (Helsinki University of Technology).

For more information including his list of publications, see Nokia Research Center: Henry Tirri.

Published 08/31/2012