Hector Perez is a Student Best Paper Finalist at ACC

Featured Faculty: Scott Moura

CEE Systems Engineering PhD candidate Hector E. Perez was selected as a Student Best Paper Award Finalist at the 2015 American Control Conference (ACC) for his paper “Sensitivity-Based Interval PDE Observer for Battery SOC Estimation.”

Perez's paper is among the top 5 student-authored papers at the conference.  He will present his findings at the 2015 ACC in July.

The paper develops a sensitivity-based interval observer that maps bounded parameter uncertainty to state estimation intervals within the context of electrochemical battery partial differential equation (PDE) models and state of charge (SOC) estimation.

Perez is a Graduate Student Researcher in the Energy, Controls, and Applications Laboratory (eCAL), where he focuses on electrochemical model-based lithium ion battery control systems. His goal is to enhance the energy, power, life and safety benefits of lithium ion batteries through optimal control schemes. His faculty advisor is Professor Scott Moura.

Published 04/20/2015