William Nazaroff Accepts Honorary Doctorate in Denmark

Featured Faculty: William W Nazaroff

William W Nazaroff, the Daniel Tellep Distinguished Professor and faculty member in the CEE Environmental Engineering program, received Technical University of Denmark's (DTU) highest academic honor for his important role in the university's indoor climate research.

The celebration was held on May 8 in Lyngby, Denmark.

His diploma reads, "in recognition of outstanding contributions advancing understanding of the physics and chemistry that control human exposure to pollutants in indoor environments."

Excerpt on Nazaroff from Queen and Prince Consort attend DTU Commemoration Day 2015:

Professor Nazaroff’s research spans a wide range of fields from indoor climate to global climate problems. With a background in physics and chemistry, Professor Nazaroff is regarded as one of the very best indoor climate researchers in the world; among other things, he has developed advanced mathematical models for the transport of pollution from the external environment to the indoor climate, as well as for previously overlooked chemical reactions in the indoor climate. Most recently, he has extended his field of research and is now strongly committed to the issues of sustainability, climate change and energy efficiency. For almost two decades, Professor Nazaroff has been working closely with DTU’s indoor climate researchers at DTU Civil Engineering, which he as visited on numerous occasions over the years. In 2001 and 2007, he spent long periods at DTU as a visiting professor.

Also note:

After the awards ceremony the evening continued with a dinner for 3,078 invitees. Later the doors were opened, and a total of 4,000 employees, students and special invitees took to the dance floor to the sound of Hej Matematik, Scarlet Pleasure and Blå Mandag Jazz band. Dancers could also have a go at the fifth quadrille of Les Lanciers, six times for the really keen.

Published 05/12/2015