Carlos F. Daganzo

Current PhD Students

  • Juan Argote
    Control strategies for bus operation
  • Lewis Lehe
    Congestion pricing the morning commute
  • Haoyu Chen (co-supervised with M. Cassidy)
    Optimum design of ring-radial transit systems
  • Xiaofei Hu (co-supervised with S. Madanat)
    Bridge maintenance optimization

Former PhD Students

  • Chavis, C. (2012) "Analyzing the structure of informal transport: The evening commute problem in Nairobi, Kenya"
  • Saloner, D. (2012) "An analysis of personal rapid transit"
  • Gayah, V.(2012) "The aggregate effect of turns on on urban traffic networks"
  • Xuan, Y. (2011) "Increasing the Flow Capacity of Signalized Intersections with Pre-signals: Theory and Case Study"
  • Eric Gonzales (2011) "Allocation of Space and the Costs of Multimodal Transport in Cities"
  • Offer Grembek (2010) "User adaptation to injury protection systems: its effect on fatalities, and possible causes"
  • Stella So (2010) "Managing City Evacuations"
  • Joshua Pilachowski (2009) "An Approach to Reducing Bus Bunching"
  • Nikolas Geroliminis (2007) "Increasing mobility in cities by controlling overcrowding"
  • Monica Menendez (2006) "An analysis of HOV lanes: Their impact on traffic"
  • Anne Goodchild (2005) "Crane double-cycling in container ports: Algorithms, Evaluation and Planning"
  • Yanfeng Ouyang (2005): "System level stability and optimality of decentralized supply chains"
  • Yuwei Li (2004): "Integrated capacity management for time-differentiated transportation services"
  • Jorge Laval (2004): "Hybrid traffic models: impacts of bounded vehicle accelerations"
  • Alejandro Lago (2003): "Modeling the structure of cities and its interrelation with traffic congestion"
  • Juan Carlos Munoz (2002): "Driver-shift design for single-hub transit systems under uncertainty"
  • Karen Smilowitz (2001): "Design and operation of multimode, multi-service logistics systems"
  • Alan Erera (2000): "Design of large-scale logistics systems for uncertain environments"
  • Reinaldo Garcia (1999): "A Pareto improving strategy for the morning commute problem"
  • David J. Lovell (1997): "Traffic control; on metered networks without route choice"
  • Esteban Diez-Roux (1996): "Storage capacity for import containers at seaports"
  • Wei H. Lin (1995): "Incident detection with data from loop surveillance systems: The role of wave analysis"
  • Bernardo De Castilho (1992): "High-throughput intermodal container terminals: Technical and economic analysis of a new direct-transfer system"
  • Mounira Taleb-Ibrahimi (1989): "Modeling and analysis of container storage in ports"
  • Francesc Robuste (1988): "Analysis of baggage handling operations at airports"
  • Carlos Muller (1987): "A framework for quality of service evaluation at airport terminals"
  • Chawn-Yaw Jeng (1987): "Routing strategies for an idealized airline network"
  • Federico Sabria (1986): "Analysis of potential improvements in port operations"
  • Anthony F.W. Han (1984): "One-to-many distribution of non-storable items: Approximate analytic models."
  • Randolph W. Hall (1982): "Traveler route choice under six information scenarios"
  • Said M. Easa (1981): "Analysis of traffic operations in harbor terminals"
  • Jurg M. Sparmann (1980): "Calibration of the trinomial probit model."
  • Mahbobeh M. Soheily (1980): "Concavity results for the trinomial probit model."
  • Yosef Sheffi (1978): "Transportation networks equilibration with discrete choice models."
  • Fernando Bouthelier (1978): "An efficient methodology to estimate and predict with multinomial probit models: Applications to transportation problems."