Shaofan Li

My current research interests are:

1. Soft matter mechanics and cell mechanics: We use soft matter modeling and computational physics techniques to study cellular mechanotransduction and cell motility;

2. Multiscale process zone modeling and simulations of material failures: We have developed a multiscale process zone model that can be used to simulate material and structure failure at multiscales. We have applied the method and technique to simulate reactive material ignition, bonded joint failure, and fragmentation in polycrystalline solids.

3. Molecular and first principle simulations of cellular process: We are interested in using molecular dynamics and first-principle simulations to simulate various cellular and protein processes, such as ion diffusion in cells, and sensory protein folding;

4. Multiscale crystal defect dynamics (MCDD): We have developed a multiscale crystal defect dynamics to simulate aggregated dislocation motion and nanoscale plasticity;

5. Multiscale peridynamics: We have developed a multiscape micromorphic peridynamics to simulate fracture and fragmentations of goetechnical materials under blast loads;

6. Con-current multiscale molecular dynamics: We have been developing a con-current multiscale molecular dynamics to simulate phase transformation of crytalline solids at nanoscale;

7. Multiscale contact line theory and simulations of durotaxis: We have been developing a novel multiscale contact line theory under finite deformation, which is able to simulate droplet durotaxis and cell motility;

8. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Waste Water and Salt Water Separation (Desalination); and First principle simulation of radiation damage on concrete materials.