Seminar List

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Environmental Engineering seminars are on Fridays, 12-1pm, in 534 Davis Hall.  Coffee and cookies are served. Please bring your own coffee cup. 

Seminar Series Spring 2018

January 19 Dr. Urs von Gunten
Professor, Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

Enhanced Municipal Wastewater Treatment for Micropollutant Abatement by Ozone

January 26 Dr. Arlene Blum
Executive Director of Green Science Policy Institute

Tackling Toxics: The Chemical Class Approach towards Healthier Products and Materials

February 2 Dr. Andrea Corral
Lead Technologist at Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Novel Demonstration of Decentralized Direct Potable Water Reuse

February 9 Dr. Mary Cousins
Technical Manager, Woodard & Curran, Inc.

Where does our wastewater go, and why? -- Navigating California's wastewater disposal and reuse regulations

February 16 Dr. Charles Menzie
Global Executive Director, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Application of Causal Analyses for Diagnosing Environmental Problems

February 23 Dr. Chris Cappa
Professor, UC Davis

Insights into the properites of biomass burning aerosol particles from field and lab observations

March 2 Jeff Mount
Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California

Consequences of Groundwater Sustainability in California

March 9 Dr. Eric Hoek
Professor, UCLA, Founder and CEO of Water Planet

Title TBD

March 16 Dr. Lara Reichmann
Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley

Microbially-assisted Phytoremediation of a Solid Waste Management Site Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons

March 23 Dr. Cristina Poindexter
Assistant Professor, Sacramento State University

The interaction of wetland hydraulics and land subsidence reversal in a Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta wetland

April 6 Dr. Josh Sharp
Associate Professor at Colorado School of Mines

Water Quality and Biogeochemical Implications of Large Scale Insect Tree Mortality

April 13 Dr. Ed Kolodziej
Associate Professor, University of Washington

Exploring Bioactive Chemicals in Aquatic Environments: Where is Our Attention Needed?

April 20 Dr. Bill Nazaroff
Professor, UC Berkeley

CSI East Bay: Probing Classroom and Residential Air Composition

April 27 Joe Charbonnet
PhD candidate, UC Berkeley

Mind in the Gutter: Radically Rethinking Stormwater with Environmental Chemistry