Arpad Horvath

Arpad Horvath's research focuses on life-cycle environmental and economic assessment of products, processes, and services, particularly answering important questions posed about civil infrastructure systems and the built environment. He has conducted studies on the environmental implications of various products, processes and services, in particular, transportation systems, water and wastewater systems, biofuels, pavements, buildings, and construction materials.

Arpad Horvath is an author of 95 peer-reviewed journal papers. Among several conference organizational roles, he was Conference Chair of the 6th International Conference on Industrial Ecology in 2011, the world’s largest conference in sustainability research to that date.

Arpad Horvath is a recipient of the International Society for Industrial Ecology’s Laudise Prize, the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize, the UC Berkeley Chancellor's Sustainability Award, and the Excellence in Review Award from Environmental Science & Technology. Three of his papers have been voted into the top three papers in Environmental Science & Technology in 2008, 2011, and 2012.