William W Nazaroff

News Articles

Title Publication Date
William Nazaroff Receives Pettenkofer Award for Advancing the Indoor Air Sciences 07/31/2018
Nazaroff wins Haagen-Smit Prize for outstanding paper in Atmospheric Environment Journal 03/23/2018
Watch video of CEE Distinguished Lecture by Bill Nazaroff 03/18/2018
Nazaroff and NASEM committee publish Environmental Chemicals and Health Risk report 01/05/2018
Berkeley Indoor Air Quality Expertise featured in "Every Breath You Take" 11/27/2017
In the news: William Nazaroff's thoughts on climate change mitigation 06/22/2017
William Nazaroff featured on IAQ Radio 12/06/2016
William Nazaroff Chairs Workshop on Indoor Air Health Risks [videos of presentations] 03/08/2016
William Nazaroff Accepts Honorary Doctorate in Denmark 05/12/2015
William Nazaroff Receives Honorary Doctorate 02/17/2015
Bill Nazaroff wins ES&T Best Paper of 2013 Award 04/02/2014
Team led by Bayen, Nazaroff, Spanos wins Best Paper Award at IEEE CASE 08/28/2013
Nazaroff Writes Popular Review on Climate Change and Indoor Air 05/06/2013
Boulanger and Meyer Receive Top Undergrad Awards 05/04/2012
William Nazaroff Studies Bacteria Spike due to Human Occupancy 04/03/2012
CEE Faculty and Students Author ES&T Best Papers for 2011 03/27/2012
Release of Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health 06/17/2011
Joshua Apte's Insights into New Delhi's Air Pollution 05/10/2011
Arpad Horvath and William Nazaroff Co-author Popular ES&T Article 03/10/2011
Robert Bea and William Nazaroff Featured in Innovations' "Ahead of the Headlines" 05/13/2010