Rodney J. Sobey

  • Coastal Engineering Journal Award, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 2002.
    [for paper “Analytical Solution of Non-Homogeneous Wave Equation”, Coastal Engineering Journal, 44:1-13, 2002].
  • Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Prize, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2003.
    [for paper “Evaluation of Numerical Models of Flood and Tide Propagation in Channels”, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 127:805-821, 2001].
  • Telford Premium Award, Institution of Civil Engineers, UK, 2010.
    [for paper “Analytical Solutions for Steep StandingWaves”, Engineering and Computational Mechanics, 162:185-197, 2009].
  • David Hislop Prize, Institution of Civil Engineers, UK, 2013.
    [for paper “Steep Progressive Waves in Deep and Shallow Water”, Engineering and Computational Mechanics,165(EM3):181-200, 2012].