Alexey Pozdnukhov

Grad students

  • Sid Feygin
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Mogeng Yin
  • Sudatta Mohanty (with Apple Inc. in F2015)
  • Danqing Zhang


Former graduate students

  • Cathal Coffey NCG/UC Berkeley (now at Amazon) 
  • Rory McGrath, NCG/UC Berkeley
  • Felix Kling, NCG, NUIM, (now at Facebook)
  • Fergal Walsh, NCG, NUIM
  • Loris Foresti, IGAR, UNIL (graduated with Best PhD Thesis award, co-supervised with Prof.M Kanevski)


Former group members (post-doctoral)

  •     Dr. Aonghus Lawlor, NCG, NUIM (2011-2013)
  •     Dr. Eoghan Furey, NCG, NUIM (2012-2013)
  •     Dr. David Quinn, NCG, NUIM (2012-2013)
  •     Dr. Gavin McArdle, NCG, NUIM (2012-2013)
  •     Dr. Christian Kaiser, NCG, NUIM (2010-2012)
  •     Dr. Lars Pforte, NCG, NUIM (2011)