US News & World Report's rankings for 2016-2017 has all of our programs, graduate and undergraduate, in the #1 spot. Our graduate program in environmental engineering has held the #1 spot for the past 8 years; civil engineering has been in the top 2 for the past 14 years. Our undergraduate programs in environmental engineering and in civil engineering are top ranked every year, often like this year, as #1.

Our doctoral program tops the 2010 National Research Council rankings.

Research Snapshot

Graduate student Drew Gentner works on a 10-meter tower that he uses to measure pollution and air flow in a citrus orchard in California's San Joaquin Valley. Drew is co-advised by CEE faculty members Allen Goldstein and Robert Harley.

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Will apps increase transportation sustainability? How do we future-proof infrastructure? Creating super fertilizers for developing nations?  And how to keep Cal Band marchers from colliding on the field? Feel the impact of Berkeley CEE.
Berkeley CEE tops USN&WR rankings in both its civil engineering and environmental engineering graduate programs for 2017.
The Citation is one of the University's highest honors.  It is awarded to individuals whose achievements exceed the standard of excellence in their fields.
Professor Astaneh comments in a Post news article on the meaninglessness of the plan to 'recreate 9/11'.
Professor Raja Sengupta heads a team that is creating new technologies that enable drone operators to comply with emerging regulations.
Professor Mark Stacey and his team are part of an NSF-sponsored initiative that is examining critical infrastructure resiliency.