Undergraduate Education

CEE's undergraduate program offers you opportunities for rigorous academic learning, fellowship, hands-on experience, and leadership. Classes are relatively small, so you can get to know both the faculty and fellow students.

US News & World Report ranks both of CEE's undergraduate programs among the top 3 schools nationwide. CEE's undergraduate program in civil engineering is ranked #2 and environmental engineering is #3. These rankings are for colleges that offer a full range of undergraduate majors, plus master's and PhD programs.

Berkeley ranked as the top public university in US&WR's 2017 rankings.

A Well-Rounded Program

In CEE, you will pursue a well-rounded education designed to prepare you for a career in civil and environmental engineering or for advanced study in this or related fields.

You will learn to solve societal problems — in California, the US, and the world — such as:

  • improving civil infrastructure
  • protecting resources
  • mitigating hazards
  • creating efficient and sustainable civil systems

Our four-year curriculum leads to an ABET-accredited B.S. degree in civil engineering. Your education will provide you with a strong fundamental background in engineering science, design, and practice. You will be well prepared to succeed as an engineering professional or to continue with advanced graduate study.

Outside the classroom, you can participate in a variety of student organizations that sponsor community service, peer advising, and faculty-student social events. Or you can join one of our four top-ranked design teams, which compete at regional and national-level competitions.

You also can apply to conduct undergraduate research with faculty mentors, and you can pursue the Professional Development Certificate to hone the professional skills you need as you embark on your career.

For complete information on CEE's learning goals, how our core courses support those goals, how we assess student learning, and our goals for CEE students after they graduate, see CEE's Response to the Campus Undergraduate Student Learning Initiative.