Faculty Advisers

Students in CEE are encouraged to seek mentoring from CEE faculty advisers.

Faculty advisers (and, indeed, all faculty members) hold office hours throughout the school year to help you with course content; advise on courses, career objectives, graduate school, letters of recommendation, and summer internships. They also can be contacted (by e-mail or phone) to schedule an appointment. 

CEE students should meet with a faculty adviser of their choice at least twice a year for academic advising.  The department hosts Academic Advising Forums each semester to facilitate advising.  The faculty adviser reviews the student's proposed academic schedule, suggests coursework based on the student's interest and offers mentoring for career development.  If a student struggles academically, as evidenced by their GPA, the department will require academic advising prior to enrollment in classes the following semester.

Prior to your faculty adviser meeting, you should:

College of Engineering Advising

You are also assigned an Engineering Student Services adviser in the College of Engineering. ESS advisers monitor your progress towards your degree and explain graduation requirements, interpret COE policy, and explain the petition process.


CEE's Undergraduate Adviser answers registration questions, describes courses, interprets departmental policy, and makes referrals to resources on campus.

Contact Academic Affairs Office, 750 Davis Hall for an appointment or stop by 750 Davis Hall during drop-In advising, M-F: 9-noon, 1-4.

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