Best paper awards to Vishwanath Bulusu and Zhilong Liu


Vishwa_Face.jpg Zhi_0.jpg Vishwanath Bulusu [L] and Zhilong Liu [R], Systems PhD students, both received Best Paper Awards at two conferences in early May.  Their adviser is Professor Raja Sengupta.

Bulusu received Best Conference Paper at the Integrated Communication Navigation and Surveillance Conference 2017 held in Herndon, VA. The conference is co-sponsored by AIAA, IEEE, FAA, EUROCONTROL and NASA.

Read Bulusu's paper: Decentralized Self Propagating Ground Delay for UTM: Capitalizing on Domino Effect

Zhilong Liu received Best Student Paper at the International Systems Conference 2017 held in Montreal, Canada. The conference is sponsored by IEEE.

Read Liu's paper: An Energy Based Flight Planning System for Unmanned Traffic Management

Published 05/08/2017