William W Nazaroff

Daniel Tellep Distinguished Professor
(510) 642-1040
425 Davis Hall
Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate
Environmental Engineering

My research centers on air quality engineering, emphasizing two themes: pollutant dynamics in indoor air and exposure science.  On the first, my primary interest is to better understand the physics and chemistry that control the concentrations, fates, and effects of pollutants in indoor environments.  On the second topic, we apply basic knowledge about air pollutants to build a quantitative and mechanistic understanding of the relationship between emissions from sources and consequent human exposures.  My group pursues research through a combination of laboratory and field experiments, modeling, and data analysis.  In recent years, in addition to maintaining vigorous activities in the two primary areas, I have had a growing concern about and interest in the themes of sustainability, climate change, and energy-use efficiency.  I have begun to pursue research opportunities in these newer thematic areas, especially when opportunities arise that intersect with the primary research themes.

M 3-4 and Tu 9-11