Thomas W. Kirchstetter

Associate Adjunct Professor
(510) 908-1237
655 Davis Hall
Environmental Engineering

Kirchstetter holds a concurrent Staff Scientist appointment in the Energy Technologies Area at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where he is Head of the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Systems Department.

Kirchstetter's research group is studying clean energy technologies, developing novel air pollution sensors, and evaluating in-use pollutant emissions and controls. Current research projects include:
  • Evaluating the emission impacts of after-treatment control technologies on in-use heavy-duty diesel trucks
  • Quantifying air pollutant and GHG emissions from dry anaerobic digestion and composting of municipal solid waste-to-energy
  • Developing low-cost particulate matter and black carbon sensing technologies 
  • Deploying a first-ever community black carbon air quality network
  • Creating particulate matter reference materials for evaluation the thermal-optical analysis method and radiocarbon source apportionment

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Spring 2016: Wednesday 3-4p; Tuesday 9:30-10:30a