Khalid M. Mosalam

At UC-Berkeley, Mosalam teaches courses in structural analysis, design and behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, and finite element methods.

Mosalam is involved in the following areas of research: Finite element analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures (1988-); Experimental and computational strategies for the seismic behavior of infilled frames (1991-); Hybrid simulations (1994-); Behavior of reinforced concrete buildings and bridge elements subjected to multi-directional seismic loading (1997-); Fragility framework and probabilistic modeling of reinforced concrete components and systems (1997-); System identification and health monitoring of instrumented structures (1999-); Seismic evaluation of wood structures (2000-); Blast resistance and retrofit of reinforced concrete slabs (2001-); Progressive collapse of reinforced concrete structures (2003-); Seismic evaluation of electrical substation equipment (2008-); Development of green and energy-efficient buildings (2008-).

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