Engineering and Project Management

The Engineering and Project Management Program trains you for leadership in managing infrastructure, especially construction projects, but also other engineering projects, and field, project, and corporate management. Contemporary project management practice demands that the engineering professionals have not only mastery of engineering, including construction concepts, but also a strong background in engineering and management methods.

In Berkeley's E&PM program, we emphasize new technologies, developments, and techniques in both domestic and international project management and construction, as well as the interrelationships of all life-cycle components: planning, design, manufacturing, construction, operation, maintenance, and end-of-life options. Because we are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the center of major local, national, and international project management and construction activity, our program easily connects with industry, and our class projects make extensive use of both local and international projects. Examples from several industries, but especially commercial building, industrial, and heavy/civil construction are used throughout our curriculum, and we invite industry practitioners to present guest lectures describing industry challenges and solutions.

You are encouraged to take related courses in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, in other engineering departments, and in Business Administration, Architecture, City and Regional Planning, and Law.

E&PM graduates find a wide range of employment opportunities in all industries and the public sector, especially in engineering consulting, construction and energy firms, as well as in the public sector.